LX2SM european repeaters around LX

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If you are a google earth user you will find below some links, enjoy it and if possible participate by sharing the data I’m looking for. I’m currently using Echolink running a link’s name LX2OOO/L (link nr. 941595) feel free to use it when in duty.

I will appreciate report via e-mail, let me know from which locations you connect to this link via the radio way. By now the antenna is a Diamond X30AN but I can change to something bigger if there is a need


LX2SM Google earth link for European VHF/UHF repeaters around Luxembourg.

This list will grow as time let me work on it to reach about 300 Kms around LX. I started with Luxembourg and then I will made Belgium, Germany, France and Netherland and Switzerland. I need a few informations about some relays, these one with a question mark as icon. So If you have ACCURATE informations , please send it to me by e-mail. ACCURATE means really ACCURATE and UP TO DATE infos, GPS position must lead to the real position of the repeaters, not 1 Km away from the repeater (some city repeater just have 5 Kms  or smaller range; QRG must be up to date, don't rely on INTERNET to much, I’ve seen repeaters on the net with 3 different QRG and 2 locations 50 Kms apart from each others. I saw INTERNET site not updated for 12 years... I will, later, make a list of these repeaters in form of .txt, .csv or something else and I also plan to make the list for MCP-2A users.

If you see some mistakes, I will appreciate any feedback, nobody's perfect...

I will add belgian, german, dutch, french, austrian and swiss repeaters randomly. You can already send me the data the repeaters (voice or digital) you wish to be added to this KMZ file for those countries.

Tnx in forecast.

View log page and download last version below.

LX2SM Google Earth list of European VHF/UHF repeaters around Luxembourg

 I need accurate position informations for any repeaters with question marks as icone

Corrections welcome “send an E-mail”

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