I first became interested in Amateur Radio when we visited my father's brother, Sam Zollers W2EWN, and he demonstrated Amateur Television with a co-worker from RCA in Camden, NJ.

1954...... while attending fifth grade at Burnside Elementary School in Jeffersonville, PA I met, Dick Roberts W3TWQ, a sixth grade teacher who ran a Ham Radio demonstration in an assembly program one day. I was not lucky enough to get him as a teacher when I got to sixth grade but he kept my interest tweeked anyway.

1957...... while attending eigth grade at Stewart Junior High School in Norristown, PA I met Doris Harkins W3HHJ a Home Economics teacher. In November 1958, I took the Novice test which was administered by a friend and neighbor, my Elmer, Art Becker W3JZN

1959...after arriving at Norristown  A.D.Eisenhower  High School I joined the Amateur Radio Club and was very active with them until I graduated in 1962.


My Novice License was issued January 21, 1959, callsign KN3HLN.

I operated 80, 40 and 15 meter CW with a homebrew, crystal controlled, one-tube 6DQ6 transmitter from the 1958 ARRL Handbook, a Hallicrafters S-53A receiver and a half-wave coaxial fed dipole antenna.

March 1959 I purchased, and built, a Heathkit DX-40 transmitter which cost $64.95 including a $4.63, Railway Express Agency, delivery charge. July 1959 I built a Heathkit VF-1 VFO which cost $19.50 plus a $.59 delivery charge and I added a 40 meter dipole antenna.

October 1959 I upgraded to General class, callsign K3HLN, added a Hammarlund HQ-110-A receiver, a 20 meter dipole antenna and a 10 meter ground plane antenna.

February 1960 I built a homebrew, crystal controlled, 6 meter AM transmitter that used a 2E26 final with a 6AQ5 plate modulator and ran about 20 watts output to a 5 element beam antenna. An Alliance U-100 TV antenna rotor was used to turn the beam. I used the HQ-110-A for receive since it covered 80 through 6 meters. I worked 26 states, confirmed, with this setup. I also worked all 35 stations, confirmed, for the SJRA Award on 6 meters.

February 1961 I bought a Heath DX-100 transmitter from Bob Guest W3JSA and really put a big signal on the bands.

October 1961 I built a homebrew, crystal controlled, 10 meter AM mobile transmitter and went mobile in the family 1957 Ford sedan.

When I started working in October 1962 I bought a blue 1951 Plymouth station wagon and moved my 10 meter AM mobile rig from my parents car to the station wagon.


Norristown, PA - January 1959 to June 1964

Centre Square, PA - June 1964 to March 1968

Perkasie, PA - April 1968 to October 1971

Quakertown, PA - November 1971 to June 1973

Hereford, PA - July 1973 to January 1985

P.O.Box 240, Woxall, PA 18979-0240 - February 1985 to Present


Various QSL Cards used by K3HLN over the years.


HF BASE - 80 thru 10 meters with Yaesu FT-301-AD, 100 Watts, CW-AM-SSB-FSK

Radio Shack HTX-100, 10 meters, SSB & CW, 25 watts

HF ANTENNAS - Dipoles on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 10 meter Coaxial Vertical, and 10 meter inverted "V"

VHF/UHF FM VOICE BASE - 146 MHz, 222 MHz, 440 MHz with Kenwood TM-741A

VHF FM-SSB-CW BASE - 50 MHz with ICOM IC-505 running 10 Watts

VHF PACKET BASE - KAM Enhanced TNC / Kenwood TR-7400A APRS 144.390 MHz

HF MOBILE - 10 Meters with Radio Shack HTX-10, 25 Watts FM-SSB, 7 Watts AM

VHF/UHF FM VOICE MOBILE - 50 MHz with an RCA 700, 146 MHz with a Radio Shack HTX-242, 222 MHz with an ICOM IC-37A, 440 MHz with a Kenwood TR-8400


South Jersey Radio Association - Achievement Certificate #113 - July 1962

Harrisburg Radio Amateurs Club - Keystone Award #173 - June 1962

American Radio Relay League - Worked All States #13,861 - August 1962

American Radio Relay League - Code Proficiency - 20 WPM - June 1977

American Radio Relay League - Public Service Award - Hurricane Agnes - June 1972


American Radio Relay League - Member since 1959 - Life Member since 1976

Rooster Net - Member Certificate #600

Philadelphia Area Repeater Association - Charter Member #38

Pottstown Area Repeater Team

Telford Area Repeater Association - Charter Member

Montgomery County, PA RACES

Chester County, PA ARES RACES

Ten-Ten International Net, Inc. - Certificate Number 71882

Norristown High School Amateur Radio Club - W3CTG - 1959 to 1962

North Penn Amateur Radio Club - W3BTN

Les Voyageurs Amateur Radio Operators Club - WA3IPP


Past President - Philadelphia Area Repeater Association -
1984 - 1987

Past Vice-President - Philadelphia Area Repeater Association -
1988 - 1990, 1996, 1997 - 1998, 2000 - 2002.

Past Technical Committee Chairman - Philadelphia Area Repeater Association -
1984 to 2002

Past Vice-President / Secretary - Les Voyageurs Amateur Radio Club (pre-PARA)

Past ARRL AREC Emergency Coordinator for Montgomery County, PA

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