Amateur Radio Station



Centre Square, PA

cs_shk35.jpg This picture shows the HF operating position with the Heathkit DX-100 and the Hammarlund HQ-110-A to the left. To the right, above, is the 2 meter FM Westinghouse transceiver which consisted of the power supply in the middle, the receiver on the left and the transmitter on the right, all in a shock mounted rack assembly. These units came out of a diesel locomotive. Below that is the 2 meter AM Gonset Communicator.

This picture shows, left: K3HLN operating the HF rig on the Montgomery County AREC frequency of 29.520 MHz AM. On the right is Hal Camlin W3QLP operating the 2 meter AM rig with his son beside him. Both operators are participating in a Simulated Emergency Test ( SET ) on January 28, 1968. The event is sponsored by the ARRL and tests the local AREC groups readiness to provide communication in an emergency. set_a.jpg

cs_shk30.jpg This is a wide picture of the operating position in the basement. The rack under the DX-100 housed a home-brew 6 meter transverter on the bottom, and on top, was a remote control panel which allowed operation of the HF station from the second floor apartment kitchen. You can see the Westinghouse 2 meter FM boat anchors to the right of the picture. To the left of the 6 meter transverter was a rack mounted BC-221 Heterodyne Frequency Meter.

Here is a close up view of, left to right: BC-221 Frequency Meter; DX-100 transmitter over the HQ-110-A receiver. The silver item to the left of the DX-100 is a converted, military surplus, Collins Radio AM-CW-SSB receiver which covered 1.3 MHz to 30 MHz. xmt_rcv.jpg

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