Les Voyageurs

Amateur Radio Operators Club

Operators of WA3IPP Repeater - Sellersville, PA

Input - 146.280 MHz

Output - 146.760 MHz


In the fall of 1968 the Les Voyageurs, an amateur radio club from Souderton, put a two meter repeater on the air from Sellersville, PA. The use of the site, a one hundred foot high abandoned Western Union microwave tower, was donated by the County of Bucks through The Office of Civil Defense.
The rf equipment, an eighty watt Motorola base station, was loaned by Civil Defense. Antennae, feedline, control equipment, etc. was supplied, along with man ( and woman ) power, by the Les Voyageurs.
The frequency, 146.280 MHz input and 146.760 MHz output, was used which had been vacated by the W3CKP repeater in Doylestown when Warren went to Okinawa. The callsign used, WA3IPP, was the club call of the Les Voyageurs Amateur Radio Operators Club.
The original group that was instrumental in putting the repeater on the air was Russ K3NLT, Dave K3HLN, Earl K3LLI, Ike W3AZR, Becky K3QZT, Wayne K3JFP, Ralph K3ZMA, and Grace K3YCY.
After the repeater was on the air and fully operational the group grew rapidly. Within a few short months the users totaled over thirty.



*,o    K3NLT - Russell A. Mumaw - Hatfield, PA
  o    K3BKM - Clark "Chic" Bach - King of Prussia, PA
*,o,@  K3HLN - David R. Zollers - Perkasie, PA
    @  WA3AAD - Stephen Gansky - Narberth, PA
    @  WA3MDP - Richard Teasdale - Warminster, PA
       W3EK - Robert V. Kinney - Lansdale, PA
       W3SML - Lewis Wetzel - Newtown Square, PA
       W3CQC - Thomas Riethof - Lafayette Hill, PA
       W2BHK - Joseph Sheinman - Ashland, NJ
       WA3AXH - Thomas Scheid - Norristown, PA
       K3OZF - Jay Bach, Jr. - Macungie, PA
       K3DSM - Gene Mitchell - Devon, PA
       W3ASA - James O. Moore - Worcester, PA
       W3TDF - Ray Bilger - Langhorne, PA
       WA2WOD - Phil Mattison - Haddonfield, NJ
       WA3IOB - Charles Patterson - Ardmore, PA
       WA3LBL - William Haas - Ambler, PA
       WB2INO - James Johnson - Willingboro, NJ
       WA2ICW - Arthur Aspers - Philadelphia, PA
       K3IHA - Jack Castree - Philadelphia, PA
       W3UQQ - Sylvester "Sutt" Hamilton -
       W3DYR - Virgil Montavon - Philadelphia, PA
*      K3QZT - Willard "Becky" Beck - Quakertown, PA
*      K3ZMA - Ralph Strunk, Jr. - Quakertown, PA
*      K3LLI - Earl Baldwin - Silverdale, PA
*      K3YCY - Grace Baldwin - Silverdale, PA
*      WA3HFG - Leslie Baldwin - Silverdale, PA
*      K3JFP - Wayne Shainline - North Wales, PA
       K3AEE - Warren "Skip" MacAdams - Philadelphia, PA
       K3URJ - Penny MacAdams - Philadelphia, PA
*      K3AWZ - James Kulp - Souderton, PA
*      K3AXA - Floyd Kulp - Franconia, PA
       K3TUF - Phil Theis, Jr. - Philadelphia, PA
       WA3OPT - Thomas Stewart - Wayne, PA
       WA3HGW - Don Stewart - Philadelphia, PA
       WA3MBN - Fred Portelli - Havertown, PA
       K2QIJ - George Ford - Burlington, NJ

* = Charter Member
o = Club Officer at this time
@ = Club Committee Chairman at this time

On December 7, 1970 this club merged with Main Line VHF Society to form the
"Philadelphia Area Repeater Association".

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