ARRL Field Day - 2000

The following pictures were taken at a QRP Field Day location in Bucks County, PA.

The call used was W3PNL operating class 1A from EPA.

The equipment was as follows...
EleCraft K2 QRP transceiver running approximately 4 watts;
LogiKey electronic keyer with a "Brass Racer" paddle set;
MFJ Versa Tuner II;
Homebrew (by N3YSI) multi-band dipole, 67-1/2 feet on each leg, fed with 450 ohm ladder line;
12 VDC Deep Cycle Marine battery.

The operators were...
Joe Burgess W3PNL and Paul Craig N3YSI.

Others attending and "helping" were...
Beverly Craig KB3DCT, George Harris KF3DX and George's son Chris.

Providing the great location for this operation was Wilbert "Bud" Hannes W3GOS.

Joe W3PNL (seated) and Paul N3YSI set up the QRP operation.

"The Gang" - Left to right - Bud W3GOS, Chris, George KF3DX and Bev KB3DCT look on as Joe W3PNL and Paul N3YSI tune the antenna.

Paul N3YSI and Joe W3PNL tuning the antenna after changing antenna tuners.

Paul and Joe still making adjustments while Chris looks on.

The operating position.

Bud W3GOS (third from left, in the back) checks his field strength meter to see if the radiation level is within safe limits.

The gang jokes prior to the start of operations.

Joe and Paul are all set to start operating.

Paul (left) logs, Joe operates, Chris observes and George copies along.

Paul, Joe and George compare notes.

Joe copies, George copies along and Chris observes.

Joe logs, Paul operates and George relaxes with his son Chris.

George, Chris and Bud relax and observe, Paul operates, Joe logs and Bev also observes.

Bev checks the "dup" sheet, Paul operates and George copies along.

George copies along, Chris and Bud observe, Paul operates and Bev logs.

George copies along, Chris observes, Paul operates, Bev logs and Joe relaxes.

Joe checking the skies, Bev logs, Paul operates, Chris observes and George copies along.

Photography by K3HLN

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