Amateur Radio Station



Norristown, PA

1918A.JPG This picture shows the 6 meter AM crystal controlled transmitter in the rack on the left. The bottom of the rack is the power supply, the middle is the modulator and the top is the transmitter. The middle front of the picture is a Globe Scout transmitter. The middle back is the station control console. Above the station control console is the beginning of my 10 meter mobile rig.To the right is the Hammarlund HQ-110-A receiver and above that is a converted military ARC-5 receiver for 80 meters. To the left of the ARC-5 is the Alliance U-100 rotor control box for the 5 element six meter beam.
In the middle of the top shelf is a Conelrad Alert monitor with the Heath VF-1 VFO sitting on top. The station speaker is to the right, in the corner, of the top shelf with the Astatic D-104-C and "G" push-to-talk stand sitting in front.

This picture was taken on December 25, 1961 and shows the Heath DX-40 transmitter above the station control console. To the right of the station control console is the Heath VF-1 VFO. To the right of the ARC-5 receiver is the Heath QF-1 "Q" Multiplier which is hooked up to the Hammarlund HQ-110-A receiver. Sitting on the desk you can see the Astatic D-104-C microphone with the Astatic "G" push-to-talk stand. 1918B.JPG

1918C.JPG This picture shows, left to right; The power supply for the converted military surplus Collins ART-13 transmitter, the Collins ART-13, the six meter transmitter on top of the station control console, the 10 meter mobile transmitter above the HQ-110-A receiver. Above the ART-13 you can see where the antenna lead-ins come through the window.

I believe this picture was taken around December of 1962. I had sold all my equipment and gone into the Air Force in August 1962. I returned home in September 1962 and bought all the equipment you see here, except the HQ-110-A. It shows, on the left; the Hammarlund HQ-110-A receiver, on the right the Heath DX-100 transmitter. 1918D.JPG
On top of the HQ-110-A is a CB radio which was converted to 10 meter operation to monitor the North Penn Amateur Radio Club frequency of 29.520 MHz while working on the other bands with the DX-100 / HQ-110-A. Again you can see the Astatic D-104-C and "G" stand combination along with a J-38 military surplus telegraph key, earphones and log books on the desk.

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