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"Eagles Of The Airwaves"

W 3 C T G

I attended Norristown A.D.Eisenhower High School from September of 1959 until I graduated in June of 1962. While attending High School I was a member of the "Amateur Radio Club". The sports teams were known as the "Eagles", the teams mascot was the Bald Eagle, hence the Amateur Radio Club members were known as "Eagles of the Airwaves".

The faculty sponsor of the club was the Physics teacher, Nicholas Dolas, W3BEB. Another faculty member at the school was the Band Director, Damon Holton, W3QKW. Other hams who helped with the club were George Hengen, W3CNO and his wife Sarah Hengen, W3URU.

The club station W3CTG was located in the basement of the school, in a room, accross the hall from the rifle range. The station consisted of a Heath DX-100 transmitter and a National NC-300 receiver. We operated 80 through 10 meters, AM and CW, with this equipment and an array of dipole antennas on the roof of the school. We also had a 10 meter ground plane antenna on the highest point of the tower on the Southeast corner of the roof. We also had a Gonset Communicator for two meter AM operation.

The purpose of the club was to get students interested in "Ham Radio" and to help them study and pass the test for their FCC license. By the way, it also gave us something to do instead of "study hall". The club operated field day every year. We would take to the "field" and contact other amateur radio operators all over the world.

Some other members of the Amateur Radio Club, during my tenure, were......Jim Kapetsky K3DEP, Joe Carbo K3DAN, Bill Ledger K3AXI (now W3HBF), Jim Clayton K3DSI, Tim Dove W3LWG, Bob Wendt KN3IEH, Lyle Anderson K3LJX, Dave Ackerman K3KKP, Bob Ottinger K3KIZ, John Heacock KN3YCP, George Nerlino KN3NMS and Charlie Jones.

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