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That's where I am of my life by 11/06/04.

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I am still scouting around for discoveries, so please bookmark my page, and come back soon.

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I wonder who are the stupid paparazzi that have broken into my private life that way?
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Surfing on the Web, I have discovered that "Hams" are not only human beings, as I had thought earlier on. Even some doggy fellows happen to speak this "daah di daah di" strange language.
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a Yellow Labrador Retriever
My name is Twist Again des Joies de Krytell. I am a yellow Labrador Retriever and have been 3rd operator at 9Q1A Amateur Radio station at Kinshasa D. R. CONGO. TWIST.gif (8509 octets)


I was born on 5th january 2002 at  [email protected] La Baule (FRANCE). This place is not a "stakanovist breeding workshop" like some others: they do take time to grow and love Labrador Retrievers only. My LOF number is 143930 and I am tatooed

Here is the tribe !

My father is I'm Gibson des Gorges du Stangala

My beloved mother is Only des Joies de Krytell

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On 27th march 2002 (almost 3 months old and already 10 kilos) Christelle introduced me to 2 new humans who spent a long time discussing with her and suspiciously looking at me, before finally taking me out in their "automobile" to their own kennel in South Britanny. A new life was on!
I quickly settled there, marking my new territory at lenght both inside and outside, looking at the squirrels atop the pine trees (too high and too fast for me). I was feeling like a golden puppy, playing with tennis balls and puppets, chewing bones, but also shoes, tools, shirts and vaccum-cleaner likewise. My best playground was the local supermarket, where almost every human was staring at me saying I was "a lovely young one", though this has always been a clear evidence to me! OK I need to upgrade in modesty :-) Twistjardin.gif (106042 octets)
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I soon found out that, when not cheering and catering me, my new family (by the way they like to call themselves "Hams") was often playing compulsively with unusual electronics producing "ducky duck" voices or some strange and undescriptible "daah-di-di-daah's". I still wonder why such humans prefer Morse code to Labrador language.

In april I have seen my "Hams" assembling for days a funny pole they were proudly calling a "tower": one thing for sure is that our neighbourg (probably a greedy simple minded human being) was sharing a very different esthetic opinion at the end of this construction. That day I finally had to step in this useless discussion: it it was nothing wrong with my "Hams" tower !  

I had my first airplane experience in may 2002 when my "Hams" made me travel from FRANCE to CENTRAL AFRICA: Wooow, what's a trip, with my already 15 kilos comfortable in a large PVC cage. Since then, I try to keep up with a new environment: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of CONGO.

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TWIST-MM.jpg (107713 octets) Lizards and parrots are new to me here: I dont succeed in catching any of them, being some too fast some too high, but I keep trying! Hey hey, on 13th May I did prove I was a true retriever when a mouse was unlucky enough to cross my way: I must confess it was an easy catch with my now 19 kilos. 1ere nage.jpg (105754 octets)
twistbronze.jpg (97258 octets) By mid May 2002, my "Hams" repainted the swimming pool, after they had arranged for a proper "dog-minded" stairs, so I could easily go in and out without risk of being stuck inside. They were saying about several books indicating that Labs are good swimmers, and I was not very long to prove them right! I did not even wait for the pool to fill up completely, and started swimming and boating being 4 and a half months old. swimming course.gif (121727 octets)
Again I can see here in CONGO the same unusual electronics inside the house, and the same aluminium stuff in the backyard, but now hear my "Hams" claiming about some "Nine Queue" licence" to be renewed. Dunno what they mean really, but this seems to be a serious issue as it is meantime no "ducky duck" voice and no "di-di-daah" anymore. Finally I start to miss those radio cosmic sounds!
twist_chaise_petit.jpg (2471 octets) I have met my local doctor for the first time, just for a routine check. I am now 24 kilos, and my teeth are all final, not really a puppy anymore. Also I have been told about some sisters and brothers in Kinshasa that I will meet soon, wow!
June 2002: jumping into the pool is now a routine morning exercise, and I dont allow anything to float if not authorised by me. Today I have done some serious gardening, but for no reward from my "Hams": they spent the day moving their usual aluminium and electronics: something is cooking here with their "Nine Queue".
I have heard that my "Hams" intend to take me back in september for vacation in Europe, GREAT!!! I will see my tower, supermarket, neighbour, friends and brother in law again.
samuel.jpg (236308 octets) I have a new friend here, his name is Samuel. It took me a full day to make him understand I was not as wild as he thought.
Samuel is a 6 year old good boy, but does not weight my now 30 kilos.

Thank you! If you have gone that far reading my roadbook, then you really love Labs. In June I have registered with 2 Web rings, but dont leave me now, just keep reading the rest of the story.

I have heard today what Humans call Jet Fighters: quite a wild sound from the sky at Kinshasa.

twistportrait220602.jpg (252169 octets)
September 2002: I am in vacation in South Britanny FRANCE. What a break! Beaching, swimming, casino, good food, etc... My supermarket is still there, and even though I now have to stay in the car, I have fun observing those humans. The house is ok, and as the fence is not too high, I now manage to jump over it and go gardening in the neighbourg plots: this seems to make my "Hams" VERY unhappy! Yet I have to behave somehow, as I hear them talking of some training centre :(  
twist_tante.jpg (204755 octets)

I have paid a visit to Animo Hotel La Baule FRANCE where I met my breeder Christelle and my aunt "Automne". Look at the left pic how pretty we are.

julia1.JPG (225794 octets)

Every day I see my neighbourg friend Julia. Always a pleasure to go walking around with a beautiful girl.   twist regime.jpg (51272 octets)
GOOD NEWS: my "Hams" have finally dropped the idea of training after my very first course. 

lampadaire.JPG (248341 octets)

I am back to Kinshasa CONGO where it is the rainy season.     julia3.jpg (175541 octets)
November 2002: my Hams are transfered from Kinshasa to MATADI, so we will all move to South West CONGO by end december. It sounds like a good idea, and I will finally have there some better occasion to scout the local bush and tell you about the local life.


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My 1st anniversary was on 5th january. We have now reached MATADI - in the south west of D. R. of CONGO - after 350 kms and 8 hours driving in the new 4x4, yet about same time as Kinshasa-Paris by plane! What a tough road it was! I am presently living in a guesthouse but soon will transfer to my new kennel.

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I have settled by february at my new residence on the hilltops of MATADI. Just let me get settled and I will post new pics on this page.

I have received  from  [email protected] a pic of my last born cousin. Cute, isn't she?

Again I need to help the boys in assembling those antennas !

Sounds like a security management meeting.

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June 2003: It is decided, we leave Congo and return back to France.


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Just like a movie star under the flashlights !

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