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ARAC Club station - Kinshasa
9Q�AR is the national Society's Kinshasa club station c/o Amateur Radio Association of D. R. CONGO P.O. Box 2049, Hotel des Postes, Boulevard du 30 Juin, KINSHASA 1Email [email protected]


IARU HF Championship HQ category
anr1.jpg (67858 octets) Thanks to the patronage of His Excellency Minister of PTT Kinshasa, ARAC entered 2001 IARU HF Championship HQ category from Kinshasa, as per temporary license issued on 13th July 2001 around 20.00 local time from 13 to 17th ONLY iso originally expected 10 days. For this very first time on the air, Society's concept was to come up with an exhibition more than a true contest entry. licence.jpg (149948 octets)
anr2.jpg (65504 octets) With such a short notice, operation launched on 13th July eve with FT-920 + AL-1500 into a merely tuned HF6V on 20, 15 and 10: definitely no big gun setup, but good enough to display an exhibition of Amateur Service through out a milestone weekend. : 579 pericontest and 657 contest QSOs in 9Q0AR log when pulling out the plug.
yl at the camera.jpg (39513 octets) Guest operators, Cyprien Kahundira Vagheni, Jean Philippe Monkonzi, and Wakilongo Kangawe, each of them members of ARAC, were given for the very first time the opportunity by sunday 15th pm to exchange with some Hams overseas. 9q0ar beam.jpg (50078 octets)
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ARRL 10 meter contest
Licence N�CAB/MIN/PTT/987/WK/2001 by Ministry of PTT was issued to 9Q0AR club station on 12th december for a 4 day operation, iso originally 10 days requested. Even slow, it shows that Society's project is building up with the support of PTT officials.
For this second activity, pre contest traffic totalled 1.250 QSOs on 20, 17 and 12, during occasional free time only 13 and 14th december, as operators had professional occupations locally.
Station setup at 9Q/F6BLQ QTH was FT990 + AL1500 + HF6V on 20, and rotary trap dipole @ 12 meters on WARC bands.

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ARRL 10 meter contest ended up with 2.040 QSOs, 88 countries, 57 states / provinces, and a provisional score of 580.000 points. Conditions were very poor to Far East and Pacific, but average to Europe and excellent to North America, although a solar storm behind the corner. Operation closed on sunday night with a total of 3.300 QSOs. warc dipole 2.gif (215629 octets)
To be recalled is that 9Q is Democratic Republic of CONGO since 1997, even though most logging programs still call it ZAIRE: please amend your databases! Another CONGO exists on the other side of the river, being TN, Republic of CONGO with capital city Brazzaville.

WARC rotary dipole being installed.


Great news: At long last, ARAC Kinshasa has been allocated a 60 sqm room at PTT Training Center where 9Q0AR club station is going to settle, with FT-901 for a start  as receiver only.
9q_club_2002.gif (188829 octets) salle1.gif (163201 octets) salle2.gif (161836 octets) The Society, with less than $100 in cashbox, and national Members personal income less than $50 a month, looks forward possible donations, in particular 2nd hand full solid state trcvr with ATU, tribander and/or rotor. Contact Webmaster for possible details.


Here are some members of the Club

9Q0AR - 9Q0HQ

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ARAC Club station
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9Q1A - 9S1X

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Gus Ragge JAGERO
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ARAC was pleased to host Gus SM5DIC one more time in Kinshasa. Gus has made a great job fixing equipment at 9Q0AR, building wire and vertical antennas, and supervising HF SSB traffic by 9Q1KS AND 9Q1PM.   

sm5dic biere.jpg (49672 octets) 9Q1PM_9Q1D.jpg (38899 octets) 9Q1KS at 9Q0AR.jpg (35111 octets) T2fd.jpg (16303 octets)

Unformal debriefing one more time.

Pascal 9Q1PM and Gus 9Q1D Cyprien 9Q1KS operating 9Q0AR

Inverted Vee T2FD