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of D. R. of CONGO

1998: CONGO PTT officials join a IARU STARS WG meeting conducted by 6W1KI and ON6WQ at Abidjan, Ivory Coast, giving some chance to a more permanent Amateur Radio Service in D. R. Congo: a first step of a long way.

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ARAC is grateful to 4U1ITU Geneva IARC for the donation of one FT-901 transceiver, and to various european Ham Societies and individuals for having supplied ARAC with litterature material. This is to participate to the next installation of 9Q0AR club station.
1999: ARAC registers with the congolese administration by the fall of 1998 as a continuation of UCRA (1962-1971) and UZRA (1971-1998). Also IARU confirms ARAC membership by August 15th, 1999. The Society acts since as national representative of Amateur Service, and reports to Secretariat General of PTT Kinshasa.

ARAC first AGM holds on July 3rd, 1999 at the PTT Training Centre Kinshasa, attended by 18 potential members, out of which 16 nationals. Also Society obtains  State Security official clearance by January 26th, 2000.

ag_1999_arac.gif (275575 octets) President Cyrien Kahundira Vagheni
1st Vice Pdt J. Philippe Monkonzi Mo'amba
2nd Vice Pdt Guy Wakilongo
Secretary Nalwango Izanga
Treasurer Nicole Poirier-Crepelliere
Advisor Patrick Crepelliere
2000: Licencing authority is Secretariat General aux PTT, Avenue des Huileries, Kinshasa Gombe 1. Ministry of PTT requires a State Security clearance before any commercial, private or amateur radiocom license application. License annual fee was $ 500 by June 2000. Resident and/or visiting applicants are strongly invited to contact ARAC for more details.

New Prefix Plan by the national Ham Radio Society

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Pfx Province Chef Lieu
9Q1 Kinshasa Kinshasa
9Q2 Bas Congo Matadi
9Q3 Bandundu Bandundu
9Q4 Equateur Mbandaka
9Q5 Orientale Kisangani
9Q6 Maniema Kindu
dito North Kivu Goma
dito South Kivu Bukavu
9Q7 Katanga Lubumbashi
9Q8 Occidental Kasa� Kananga
9Q9 Oriental Kasa� Mbuji Mayi
9Q0 Reserved


2001: With a new team at Ministry of PTT Kinshasa, situation by mid 2001 shows some reasonable chance to move. New contatcs are made at Ministry's level, that result in ARAC Club station 9Q0AR being on the air for the very first time from 13th to 15th July 2001. See 9Q0AR Club Station.

By June 2001, Ministry of PTT reacts to some recent 9Q operations. See PTT Kinshasa letter 28/06/01
IARU Region 1 delegation visit Kinshasa by September 2001 and meet PTT officials and ARAC. This visit has been of great support, even though the minute of the last meeting shows intentions more than conclusions on the part of PTT administration. In fact another move ahead is the entry of 9Q0AR in ARRL 10 meter contest and pre contest activity between 13 and 16th december 2001. See 9Q0AR Club Station.
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2001 Society's 6W1KI receiving STARS IARU Region 1 Debriefing
general meeting 9Q0AR copper plaque and ARAC meeting in town center!
2002: SlutgiltigaQSL_petit.gif (2797 octets)
HB9AMO/9Q5BQ claims 520 QSO's from Bukavu in South Kivu between 30/06 and 08/07/02. ARAC wish to inform that 1/ 9Q5BQ is not a Society's member, 2/ this callsign is unknown to Kinshasa licensing Authorities see letter 28/06/01 3/ the current 9Q prefix plan makes provision for South Kivu province to be 9Q6 and not otherwise, and 4/ the Society holds no evidence of any PTT annual tax payment in respect of 9Q5BQ 2001-2002 license.
9Q0AR in IARU HF Championship: last claimed score is 1.918 valid QSO's, 153 multis, and 1.410.966 points in HQ category. All reports were given 59ARAC, and QSL is via Paul F2YT, buro or direct with SAE + postage. As far as conditions: 10 poor, 15 good, 20 average, 40 poor, 75 unexistant, 160 no antenna. Station setup: FT990 + AL1500 into rotary dipole 20-15-10 @ 16m, sloper on 40, HF6V on 75.
During last december general meeting, ARAC membership is established at US Doll 12 for year 2002. While a new Society's committee should be voted by january 2002, obtention of permanent licences and installation of 9Q0AR club station are declared as being first priorities.

2002agm1.gif (220480 octets)

2002agm2.gif (196127 octets) 2002agm4.gif (219178 octets)

In this respect, the society is looking into the possibility of acquiring a new or second hand 20/15/10 tribander (TH3 or A3 type) + rotator (HAM IV or equivalent), and solid state HF transceiver (ATU only, no plate/load manual controls!). Same could be collected in Europe, preferably Belgium or Portugal, and transportation taken care of by webmaster up to delivery Kinshasa.

Some national President's F6COW attending
members address as guest of honor
2003: ARAC members licences have been renewed till 11th july 2003 by Ministry of PTT who give those days a valuable support to 9Q Hamradio (thanks to David 9Q1DM): 9Q0AR, 9Q0HQ, 9Q1A, 9Q1YL, 9Q1KS, 9S1X, 9Q1DM and 9Q1MM. Also a next "Arr�t�" from Ministry is due for signature within next 15 days, in order to finally and officially streamline a long term Ham radio activity in D. R. CONGO and definitely invalidate the 1972 suspension decision.
ARAC has taken due note of departure by June and return back to France of Pat 9Q1A-9S1X and Nicole 9Q1YL. See ....
2004: ARAC was pleased to host Gus SM5DIC ... see continuation here. Cyprien 9Q1KS is often QRV on 21 Mhz SSB giving QSL via ARAC P.O. Box 2049, Hotel des Postes, Boulevard du 30 Juin, KINSHASA 1 D. R. CONGO.

to be continued ...