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1992 - 1994 Ivory Coast

Akwaba from Abidjan Ivory Coast


Antenna day at TU4EG, TU5DX, TU5NC. Abidjan is the place where I eventually learnt how to fire a coconut tree with HF from an end fed random wire.

Were running that time FT990 and HL2K, also Create 318C on 20/15/10, 248A on 17/12, sloper on 75, random wire on other bands. 

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TU licensing: all details are on ARAI webpage. A new prefix chart per call area was supposed to be implemented in 2000 from TU1 to TU9, but same has been put on hold due to local situation. By this new system, Al actual TU2DP has applied for TU1AA, and TU5DX and TU5NC should change into TU2DX and TU2NC respectively.   
TU5NC, TU5DX, TU2FQ (back to front) < Nicole TU5NC, TU5DX, and Joel TU2FQ: contest day at TU2CI ARAI club station at Markory, where mosquitos were part of the team. Chris TU5AX > TU5AX Here is a new contest philosophy by F3KT guest operator at TU3F/TU2CI. No wonder they did not break a record that weekend! > f3kt.jpg (87529 octets)
iota_tu.gif (254816 octets) < ARAI challenge since 1994 ? Who next to operate this virgin IOTA spot in TU* Baie des Sirènes, West of Abidjan, after San Pedro heading to Liberian boarder. cdxc_chartres.gif (280488 octets) < Clipperton DX Club Convention with, from left to right, Gerard F2VX, Christiane YL TU2QW, Nicole TU5NC, Pat TU5DX, Georges TU2QW, and Jim VK9NS.