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Pays de Retz

FRANCE - South Britanny

A small piece of land at the mouth of LOIRE river: Brittany in the NW, and Poitou-Charente by the South: here's where we drop the bag after each overseas assignment.
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One of the most beautiful resort of the french atlantic coast, no kidding! Mild climate, pinetrees, mimosa, geranium, gorgious seafood like oysters, mushles, sardins, clamps ...

Ham Radio is well represented locally by FRALA and ARRALA, REF-Union associates, also by various club stations.

Several well known DX or contest stations like F6CTT, F6COW, TM1C are within an hour drive from here.

Pays de Retz offers various EU-064 IOTA spots mainly activated in summer time (Yeu, Noirmoutier, Pilier islands, ...)

Also castles, lighthouses and windmills, ... are many around and give a chance to activate (inter) national awards.

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Pilier Isl
Yeu Isl


The enjoyable way of live has here a serious price to pay to Ham radio: environmental regulations, either natural or historical, are real constraints, and build an antenna farm a pure dream.
No matter really: we knew it well when we purchased the house by the fall of 2000, and it has never been intention to rig anything as large as 80 or 40 m yagis at this QTH :,) 
Several VHF and UHF FM repeaters are accessible. Give them a try when driving by the area > Type Location Grid Loc Out In Callsign
VHF Mt Alouettes (85) IN96LV 145.775 145.175 F6ZCU
VHF Rennes (35) IN88VA 145.675 145.075 F1ZBX
VHF Rochefort (17) IN95QP 145.750 145.150 F1ZMD
UHF Rennes (35) IN98DE 430.075 431.675 F5ZBY
UHF Angers (49) IN97RL 430.250 431.850 F5ZCD
UHF La Roche sur Yon IN96GQ 430.275 431.875 F1ZDP
UHF Nantes (44) ? 430.050 439.750 ?
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