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1998-2003 D. R. CONGO

1998 -2000

It is no traffic by 9Q1A, 9Q1YL or 9S1X for this period.

Please see 9Q0AR ARAC Club Station.


It is no traffic by 9Q1A, 9Q1YL or 9S1X for this period.

Please see 9Q0AR ARAC Club Station.


By 18th January 2002 Nyiragongo volcano (3.469 m high) in Goma (North Kivu province, East D. R. CONGO) is active. International agencies report over 45 deaths and 400.000 inhabitants pulling away from the area. ARAC is invited to a "crisis meeting" at Ministry of PTT Kinshasa, and informs authorities about emergency communications that Amateur Service can provide. licence jan 2002.gif (68626 octets)
qsl 200 9q1a.jpg (30628 octets) 9Q1A and 9Q1YL embark on a special event operation that will last till end of February. Special quadrichrom QSL card is available via bureau, or direct with SAE + postage. from F2YT Paul HERBET, 9 Rue de l'Alouette, 62690 ESTREE CAUCHY, FRANCE.
MP3 Recording by Steve VE6WZ > 15 m
montage pylone 3.gif (110767 octets) 9q1a annexe.gif (46414 octets) pylone kin.gif (124008 octets) 9Q1A ant jan 2002 .jpg (237892 octets)
HF6V sits atop the roof with extensive radial system: not the best antenna, but for sure the best vertical I have ever used. No, I am not the one with cap and yellow shirt -) Two "stacked" rotary dipoles, one for 20/ 15/ 10 and one 17/12 are atop a 40 ft tower: much less obstrusive than CREATE 318C and 248A originally planned, and finally a performing setup. An FD4 takes care of 40, while 75 is hopeless due to usual local QRN in the area. Operation will end up by end february with 8.500 + QSO's, that add to 9Q0AR July and December 2001 about 4.500 QSO's.

9q1ks-9q1yl.jpg (262863 octets)

21juillet2002.jpg (153556 octets)

Mind you, they are not always that serious !

Another cloudy afternoon on 6 meter !

Nicole 9Q1YL and Cyprien 9Q1KS busy on HF.

Swedish dancing initiation by SM5DIC, with 9Q1A and 9Q1KS.

Nicole 9Q1YL and Gus SM5DIC guest operator, another busy day.

Installing 50 Mhz 5 el. yagi at Kinshasa.

After Nyiragongo last January, Nyamulagira volcano is active end july also in Goma area (North Kivu province). Both are part of the Virunga Grand Rift Valley and have been discovered in 19th century by Von Gotlen. Matter is being closely monitored as communications may once again be affected, while experts have already asked for emergency alert in the region.
Penguin Trophy Winner

Penguin-03.gif (54658 octets)

22 NOV 2002   1548 UTC 24908 Mhz 449    W0SF
24 NOV 2002   1629 UTC 28134 Mhz 599    W0SF
29 NOV 2002   0457 UTC 7011   Mhz 599    W0SF
01 DEC 2002   0501  UTC 7012  Mhz 559     W0SF
01 DEC 2002   0532  UTC 10124 Mhz 559    W0SF
06 DEC 2002   2349  UTC 14195 Mhz 59      W0SF

Here is QSL request received from WØSF on 09/12/02, But only ONE valid QSO in 9S1X log!

araignee.gif (962 octets)

cdxc1.jpg (249783 octets)

Clipperton DX Club 2002 Convention at Guidel (FRANCE). A nice DX event during which we discovered the CQ Serenade (MP3 format 1Mo). Enjoy! cdxc5.jpg (237500 octets)
Michel F6COW is guest operator at 9S1X Kinshasa for 4 weeks 7th december. After an entry in CQWW CW, he will log more than 10.000 QSO's, out of which about 50% in CW.
9s1x-f6cow.jpg (239755 octets) F6COW.jpg (139749 octets) souvenir4.jpg (254359 octets) souvenir2.jpg (271841 octets)

Please do not disturb ...

Sounds like another bad morning :-(

One more F6COW pile up

at Kinshasa craft market.

cqwwlogo.jpg (7712 octets)


Category SO Mono15 HP SO Mono10 HP
QSO 3.144 1.048
Zones 35 30
Countries 142 99
Points 1.646.277 412.542
If CQWW SSB and CW went OK, 9S1X amp screwed up during ARRL 10 meter pre-contest heat up: missing then 10db and a motivated op, only 544 Q's were achieved at low power, before finally giving up on saturday 14/12 evening.  


It is about time to transfer from Kinshasa to Matadi.

demontage.jpg (233894 octets)

demenagcaravan.gif (221577 octets)

congo river.gif (237996 octets)

chien balcon matadi.JPG (252516 octets)

Unusual way of dismantling our Kinshasa tower. Our 2 containers reaching Matadi QTH: 60 cbm on 380 Km bushroads for a good 15 hour trip.  Congo riverside around Matadi 3rd op. testing propagation from downtown Matadi
Here are some pics of MATADI (Bas Congo province) by January 2003, where downtown is hot, wet and dusty, finally quite unfriendly. In return, hilltop surroundings are quite fresh and offer reasonable residential spots for 9Q1A/2 and 9Q1YL/2 to be QRV as from end january, 80 to 6 meter (click on pics to enlarge).   

matadi evening.JPG (210307 octets)

soyo1.jpg (204126 octets)

soyo4.jpg (134533 octets)

matadi hilltop.jpg (266810 octets)

Sunset over Matadi hills

Open view to south Viewing to north over the river down below Looking at south west from downtown
We resume activity from MATADI by 1st week february as 9Q1A/2 and 9Q1YL/2: a 12 meter tower is raised for 20/15/10 6 element tribander + 6 meter 5 element beam + FD4 for 80 and 40. Another 10 meter tower is rigged to support the Create 17/12 m 4 element yagi. Our GPS shows our new Matadi hilltop QTH to be about 200 meters ASL, that offers a open view all around 270 degrees at minimum.

team1.gif (164252 octets)

team2.gif (176267 octets)

jardin mtd.gif (193854 octets)

The AL-1500 is now back on line, but main voltage is a real pain, fluctuating between 120 and 280 V from one phase to another, not enough anyhow to activate the tx/rx amp relay !!!

Note the homebrew 9Q sun protections™.

My rigging team building up the 12 meter tower.

Tower #1 squeezed between garage and house on this small plot.

9Q life is too short for QRP, sure, but on generator only :-)

318-2.jpg (280548 octets)

318-3.jpg (257350 octets)

318-4.jpg (212596 octets)

318-5.jpg (202509 octets)

Here is the antenna team working on the tribander, with 3rd operator at help.

Half way to go and time for a rest. A  beam revival after 4 years aground.

Thunderstorm is around, antenna now being fixed ready for on air testing.

Close up of the 6 element tribander, with 6 meter 5 el. yagi on top. 

On the air testings from Matadi yield apparently much better reports than from Kinshasa. ARAC national Society is to re-register with State Security - Bas Congo Province. Equipment is permanently at risk due to voltage fluctuations.  
IOTA potential references around Muanda area, namely "BULABEMBA Island/Lighthouse" by 6°025S and 12°25E and "Ilot des Pecheurs" by 06.01S and 12.25E appear to be both under tight control of congolese army forces, hence special authorizations from military authorities are mandatory. As a matter of fact, it is said that Bulabemba has been for more than 40 years some kind of jail for "personnae non grata".

mtd1.gif (149882 octets)

mtd2.gif (129716 octets) wpx1.gif (237413 octets)

wpx2.gif (239266 octets)

WARC tower #2

Main tower #1

2003 SSB WPX @ 9S1X

2003 SSB WPX @ 9S1X

We leave D. R. Congo back to France by June 2003, after about 40.000 QSO's by 9Q0AR, 9Q1A, 9Q1YL and 9S1X alltogether since 14th july 2001.