DL4YHF's PIC-Keyer

last updated: June 2002.

SMD layout example for the keyer

This page describes a printed circuit board that you may use to build the QRP keyer. But be warned: This is just a prototype, and it has some surface mounted components (SMDs) at the bottom side. First take a look at the both sides of an assembled PCB.

You may leave the buttons, the battery and the poti away and install them separated from the PCB. Then only the PIC will remain on the top side.

This is the top side with the PIC processor, speed poti, battery, and both message keys (from left to right). The two wires on the upper edge is the keyer's output to the transceiver (TX, black and brown). The two wires on the left lead to a piezo speaker.

The three wires to the paddle are soldered to the bottom side, because the drill holes are hidden by the NiCad battery.

The empty space to the right may be used for fixing the PCB with some screws (drill some holes there, or cut this piece off).

This is the bottom side with the SMD components. Notice that the processor is now on the right side.

The gray objects under the processor are the capacitors that block off any high frequency.

The "empty space" is now on the left side. It is not "included" in the following etching pattern.


QRP keyer: etching pattern (bottom view, black = copper layer).

This is the etching pattern. All black parts are copper on the bottom side of the PCB.

Save this image in an extra file, if your browser doesn't do that automatically.

When printing this image with a laser or inkjet, scale it down to 33 percent. I printed it successfully on an HP deskjet with the "micrografx picture publisher", using "numeric setup" and Scales to 33 Percent.

The black copper area on your film must be 36mm wide and 25 mm high.

QRP keyer: part placement on bottom side (SMD)

This picture shows the placement of all PCB parts on the bottom side. The component values can be found in the circuit diagram.

Eagle-files of the board and the schematics are also available somewhere on DL4YHF's QRP homebrew homepage.

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