DL4YHF's PIC-Keyer

last updated: June 2013.

Photo of the first prototype PCB used in a small single-lever ("one-armed bandit"-) keyer:

The blue object at the right side is a 2.4 V NiCd battery soldered to the PCB. Below that you can see the PIC microcontroller (PIC16F84, may be PIC16F628). On the left side is the paddle (made from an old telecom relais).

The pushbuttons are just above the battery, the speed poti is in the middle. A red LED between the pushbuttons is used to "signal" special situations (for example "full memory").

The whole keyer is mounted on a heavy tin block (made from a molten beer pipe). The transparent cover is lifted. This allows pressing the buttons and turning the speed control knob.

Keyer Overview

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