Updated 1/8/03

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tmbfd2k.jpg (2424 bytes)  WARC Field Day 2000 pics

tmbpicwarcwdw.jpg (2316 bytes)  WARC at WDW 2000

tmbwilmer99.gif (5841 bytes)  Wilmer campout 99 pics

tmbfd99.jpg (2210 bytes)  WARC Field Day 1999 newspaper article & pics

tmbpicnic.jpg (2963 bytes) WARC picnic pics

tmbmars.jpg (2909 bytes) MARS at USAF Museum

AE5DW hands off to N5SC


WB5WPG calls the WARC Sunday Net from AE5DW's RV

W5OUD in 4/99 QST

tmbmfahsv.jpg (4016 bytes)  AE5DW at the Huntsville Hamfest.


Westside Club Christmas Party 1998

Dawn (KC5MFA's soon to be licensed XYL) chats

  And the band played on

Click here for more Christmas 98 party pics

More to come...