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All photos by Don Wilbanks, KC5MFA.

The group shot.

Westside's very own WARC Band! That's Floyd, jr, W5YZC's son on the drums, Joe, AC1U on keyboards, Floyd, W5YZC on clarinet & Steve, N5SC on guitar.


More of the WARC Band.

Steve, N5SC picks.

Joe, AC1U tickles the keys while Floyd, W5YZC does his Pete Fountain impersonation.

Henry, W5HR & Tee, KC5PSB live it up!

George, WA5GEV lets his hat do the talking!

Charlie, N5UXV, Alyce, KC5QKB and others do the dreaded Hokey Pokey!

Charlie, N5UXV enjoys the Hokey Pokey a bit too much!

Dusty, W5OUD shakes that thang!

Duncan, N5NBI & Joe, W5OS share a joke.