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Updated 2/9/03

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logowtkl.jpg (18345 bytes) -- Nice website by my friend and fellow ham Bob Walker, K5JXH.  Bob is a legend in New Orleans radio.  Click here for a pic of me on his site.  Thanks, Bob!

-- The Internet Top 40 Countdown.

Beau Weaver -- Voiceover talent. You've heard his voice on Entertainment Tonight, Real TV & McDonalds commercials to name a few.

BNet -- Lots of broadcast related content. -- One of my favorite sites. hear radio & view tv over the net!

Bumper Productions -- I worked with him at WQUE in the 80's. Great station id's!

California Aircheck -- Fill in your personal tape collection of great stations & jocks here.

Capt. Janks -- One of Howard Stern's phone pranksters.

FCC -- You love 'em, you need 'em, you can't broadcast without 'em!

G. Gordon Liddy -- Former Watergate burglar turned talkshow host. Heard in N.O. on WTIX 690.

Jam -- Where the best jingles in the world come from.

-- Great radio parody site. A must see!

La. Radio & TV Online -- Database of station info for Louisiana.

Mike Church -- Escaped New Orleans for Newstalk 1110 WBT in Charlotte. "Caveman Radio" & my good friend!

-- Radio & Records. Online version of THE radio trade newspaper.

Radio Free New Orleans -- Lots of local music content from the tourism dept.

Radio Guide USA -- Traveling? Check here for stations before you go.

Reel Top 40 Repository -- THE place for online aircheck listening! A history lesson in every clip.

WCKW -- 92.3 "The Point"  Classic rock in New Orleans.

AM Stereo -- Great concept and it sounded good, too. I still have my AM Stereo Walkman.

Art Bell -- X-files meets all-night talk radio. Area 51 stuff & tons more.

KOAM.COM -- Howard Stern fan page. Very well done.

W&J -- Walton & Johnson, mornings on WRNO (see their link below).

WRNO -- 99.5 in New Orleans. Classic rock..

WRNO Wordwide -- New Orleans' own commercial short-wave station.

Tribute to Wolfman Jack -- Tastefully done memorial.

WNOE -- Country 101 in New Orleans.

WTKL -- KOOL 95.7 in New Orleans. I was The Fat Man on the morning show once upon a time.

The Broadcast Archive -- Radio history.


- Vintage television at it's best.

ABC -- American Broadcasting Network.

CBS -- Columbia Broadcasting System. Will customize to your local CBS station.

Comedy Central -- Home of South Park!

-- Bad boys, bad boys... whatcha gonna do...

DIRECTV -- DSS provider. Tons of sports.

Discovery -- One of the best cable channels!

FOX -- 20th. Century Fox network.

FX -- Fox's other cable channel.

HBO -- Home Box Office & Cinemax.

NBC -- National Broadcasting Company.

QVC -- Shop 'till you drop!

The Dominion -- Sci-Fi channel.

SHO -- Showtime, The Movie Channel & Sundance.

Speedvision -- One of my faves! Cars, boats, planes, cycles. If it's fast, it's here!

FoodTV -- The Food Network. Home of New Orleans chef Emeril Lagasse. BAM!

History -- The History Channel.

E! -- E! Entertainment Television. Love that Talk Soup!


More to come.