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Some pics from the Westside ARC Field Day 2000.

Photos by Floyd, W5YZC.

picfd2k14.jpg (156289 bytes)

Henry, W5HR and Steve, N5SC prepare to set up the HF antenna.

picfd2k13.jpg (137935 bytes)

Herb, N5AUC and Elias, KD5JFE assist with the HF antenna installation.

picfd2k12.jpg (158501 bytes)

Benn, K5BW, Henry, W5HR and Steve, N5SC show why it takes 3 Extras to string a Carolina Windom.

picfd2k11.jpg (184840 bytes)

Jow, W5OS and Don, AE5DW assemble the 6 meter yagi.

picfd2k10.jpg (138826 bytes)

Henry, W5HR sets up the APRS computer, which we were unable to use.

picfd2k09.jpg (131977 bytes)

Steve, N5SC takes a well deserved break from the heat.

picfd2k08.jpg (146827 bytes)

Don, AE5DW and Henry, W5HR setting up the 386.

picfd2k07.jpg (150570 bytes)

Charlie, N5UXV, Steve, N5SC and Tee, KC5PSB observe the goings-on.

picfd2k06.jpg (144090 bytes)

A couple of young visitors sign in and take some info.

picfd2k05.jpg (119712 bytes)

Herb, N5AUC, Benn, K5BW, Charlie, N5UXV and Steve, N5SC working on the HF antenna.

picfd2k04.jpg (135181 bytes)

Henry, W5HR, Don, AE5DW and Joe, W5OS set up the radios and computers.

picfd2k03.jpg (104234 bytes)

Joe, W5OS logs as Elias, KD5JFE makes some contacts on the night shift.

picfd2k02.jpg (101444 bytes)

Henry, W5HR checks the log as Joe,W5OS and Elias, KD5JFE work into the night.

picfd2k01.jpg (81771 bytes)

Tee, KC5PSB and Herb, N5AUC keep us company on the night shift.