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Updated 4/9/01

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OCA -- Oklahoma Cardiovascular Associates.   My uncle Ron White's medical practice in Oklahoma City.

hurrhunt.gif (4138 bytes) -- Hurricane Hunters, Air Force Reserves at Biloxi, MS.

logoseti.gif (21129 bytes) -- Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Your computer helps look for ET.

Cross A Ranch -- Beeswax hand cream. As seen on the Microsoft TV ads.

AutoPC -- A Clarion car stereo with Windows CE built in! Brand new!


Air & Space

-- Great aviation magazine.

AirNav -- If you fly, check this out.

-- Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association.

-- Aviation Supplies & Academics. Pilot supplies & publications.

Aviation Weather Center -- Avoid the storms.

US Wings -- Look cool on the flight line.

-- Another great aviation & space publication.

-- Info for the pilot. AVflash is a great e-mail news service.

Cessna -- Probably the world's most popular light aircraft.

-- I gotta get one of these!

-- Experimental & homebuilt must-see.

FAA -- The feds.

Gleim -- Instructional publications & software.

-- I gotta dream, you know!

Jeppesen -- Charts, approach plates & more.

Landings -- "The Busiest Aviation Hub in Cyberspace".

MSFS98 -- Microsoft Flight sim. OK, it's not real, but crashes don't hurt as bad!

-- Ground Control to Major Tom...

-- Hawker & Beech aircraft.

Reno Air Races -- The ultimate motorsport!


Radio Control Hobby

RC Car Action -- The world's leading R/C car magazine. -- Huge r/c hobby website. Must-see!

Associated -- Manufacturer of great r/c race cars & trucks. I own a RC10 Team buggy.

Trinity -- Race batteries, motors, cars & accessories.

MRC -- 50 years of innovative r/c products. Cars, planes, boats & much more.

Kyosho -- Cars, trucks, boats, planes, helicopters & accessories.

Novak -- Electronic speed controllers & more.

Horizon Hobby -- Huge r/c hobby distributor. Dynamite batteries.

Tamiya -- Scale & realistic r/c cars & trucks.

HPI -- Cars, trucks & speed accessories. My next car will probably be the RS4 Rally.

Maxtec -- R/c kits, motors, batteries & chargers.

Boca -- Ball bearings for r/c cars, fishing reels, bicycles & tons more.

Hitec/RCD -- Radios, receivers, servos, speed controllers & more.

MIP -- Aftermarket speed stuff for r/c cars & trucks.

Schumacher USA -- Car & truck kits & speed stuff.

Tekin -- Electronic speed controllers & more.

Traxxas -- Car & truck kits. Maker of the "NITRO 4-TEC" car. 50 MPH out of the box!

Yokoma -- Race car kits & accessories.

Losi -- World champion r/c kits & speed stuff.

Serpent -- Serious r/c race cars.

Duratrax -- Tires, batteries, speed controllers & kits.

BSR -- Racing tires, motors & accessories.

Hammad Ghuman -- Precision machined aluminum racing components.

Lucas Racing -- Racing car kits & parts.

Kawada -- Kits, motors, tires & more.

CVEC -- High performance r/c exhaust systems.

KO Propo -- Radios & servos.

Tower Hobbies -- Mail order retailer.

California R/C -- Mail order retailer.

Parma -- Bodies, paint & accessories for r/c racing.

Testors -- Hobby kits, paint & accessories.

RPM -- Wheels, precision tools & more.



-- I love my Ram! (unfortunately, this ain't it!)

Bandit TA Club -- The car Burt Reynolds made famous.

Barrett-Jackson Auction -- You want it? It's here!

-- Restoration parts & supplies.

Classical Pontiac -- Online magazine for enthusiasts.

Dodge Viper Central -- Get snakebit!

Vintage Parts 411 -- Restoration.

-- General Motors

Hemmings -- Classified auto marketplace mega-zine!

Herding Goats -- Classic Pontiac GTO. Gr-rrrrrr!

High Performance Pontiac -- Magazine.

-- H/O Club of America.

Impala SS -- I want one of these, too!

-- The race, not the Camaro.

MCC -- My Classic Car Online.

NFC -- National Firebird & Trans Am Club.

Ads -- Original Pontiac Firebird ads.

Paddock -- Restoration parts & supplies.

Performance Years -- Pontiac restoration.

Pontiac Enthusiast -- Magazine.

-- Dress like Mario Andretti while driving/pushing your Yugo!

Texas TA -- Trans Am club in San Antonio.

F-body -- All about GM's f-body cars.

2nd Gen -- IMHO The Ultimate '70 to '81 Firebird & Trans Am site!

TTAC -- Tidewater TA Club.

TA Tribe -- Great site!

TACA -- Trans Am Club of America, Dayton, OH chapter.

442 -- Not your father's Oldsmobile.

VW -- They're so cute!



2 Guys -- Stogie Heaven.

Arabi Cigars -- Local New Orleans area online smoke shop.

Cigar Aficionado -- Say no more.

Famous -- Great New York City shop & mail order.



Good Sam -- Great camping & rv organization.

Gumbo Pages -- Must-read if you're visiting New Orleans!

Smokies -- Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Jackson Mountain Rentals -- Cabins & chalets near Gatlinburg, Dollywood & the Smokies.

-- They built our RV.

Vegas WWW -- The lowdown on Sin City.

Rod's Guide -- Travel planning guide to the Smoky Mountains & Gatlinburg area.

-- We bought our 29' Jayco class-c from him.

-- Ever lost something on the plane? Here's where it ends up!

Woodall's -- Camping & RV site.


Other Stuff

Zagi -- Radio control sailplanes. Tough enough for combat! Featured in the 12/98-1/99 Air & Space Smithsonian magazine.

Ben & Jerry's -- Ice cream!

-- Controlled Demolition. Masters of implosion demolition.

Pug Park -- Website featuring Pug dogs. If you're a Pug Person it's a must-see!

Skeletons -- L.A. County Coroner's Office Gift Shop. Really!

Sun -- The Legendary Sun Studio in Memphis. Elvis recorded his earliest music here.

The Daily .WAV -- Fun sounds for your computer.

Ty -- The Official Ty website, Home of Beanie Babies. My wife is hooked on these!


More to come...