November 11, 2002, Remembrance Day

Annual Wireless Set No. 19 Activities

By Reed Park, VE1NU

This is the 8th annual Wireless Set Number 19 event for VE1NU.


November 11th, 2002, marked the 8th year in a row that the call VE1NU has been used along with a Wireless Set number 19, Mk 3 as a special event station.  

It started in 1995 to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of WW 2.  This year’s event started off at approx. 1230 Zulu with the idea of working a few of the strong local stations, so that later I could work the distant guys with hopefully less QRM.

As it turned out, I heard no local stuff and was about to give up and  go pick up the second operator,VE1AIR. That when I heard VE3BDB calling me.

The following, is what my log book shows for the day.

1252 Z   -   VE3BDB   4-7-9   -   19 set

1304 Z   -   W1HIS      5-7-9   -   19 set  -              Chuck’s comment was sounds good like a 19 set should.

Break to go get VE1AIR and have lunch.


1542 Z   -   VE1XW    5-9-9

1547 Z   -   VE9MSC  5-9-9

1550 Z   -   VE9WX    5-4-9  -   19 set   -   Dale suggested we switch to RT

1558 Z   -   VE9WX               -   19 set   -   First AM 19 set contact in decades for me.

1602 Z   -   VE1EV     5-9-9

1605 Z   -   VE9MSR 5-9-9

1712 Z   -   VE2QA    5-7-9

1736 Z   -   W1NU     4-7-9   -   19 set

1747 Z   -   VE3BBN  4-7-9          -   VWS 1, home brew rig

1833 Z   -   VA3ORP                         -   19 set

1851 Z   -   W1GDZ              5-9-9

 Break to return AIR to his home. Found his G5RV antenna twin lead had been broken.  That is why we were not able to contact him earlier. Jack is fixing while I return  home to try a contact with him again.

 2037 Z   -   VE1AIR   5-9-9    -   amazing how well it works with an antenna Jack.   :-)

2042 Z   -   VE9WW  5-9-9


After reading some last minute e-mail, I discovered that Chris had been looking for me and would be again at 2330 Z. 

2336 Z   -   VE3CBK  5-6-8    -   19 set


The 19 set performed very well this year for me.  

All 15 QSO's were done without the use of my Drake R8 and ICOM IC-730 radios. That is because neither of the solid state radios were able to hear the other 19 sets this year.

Both radios were being switched to the 40 meter vertical. Vertical checked out ok, it just didn't perform at all this year as it did in years gone by.  

Total contacts were 15; of that total, six were other 19 sets and one was a home brew  rig. It was nice to hear that the art of building stuff has not been lost.

Looking  forward to operations in 2003.  

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