November 11, 2000, Remembrance Day

Annual Wireless Set No. 19 Activities

By Reed Park, VE1NU

This is the 6th annual Wireless Set Number 19 event for VE1NU and it turned out to be a pretty good one after all. The activities in the past have always started at approximately 1600 Zulu time on November 11th.

This year, we thought we would be sneaky and jump the gun by starting on 0001 Zulu which put it at 2001 AST on November 10th.

This way I thought we might have a better chance of working some DX stations AND maybe get all the local stations logged so that they would not be swamping my receiver during the regular scheduled event. As it turned out, this was not the case.

Stations worked on the new times were as follows. All times are Z.

0012 VE1XW - Bob - Moncton NB

0021 VE9WW - Bill - Moncton NB

0026 W1NU - Vic - Fairfield CT USA - (Also using a WS#19)

0035 VE9MA - Warren - Moncton NB

0041 VE9MSC - Bob - Moncton NB

0049 W1GDZ - John - Edgewater FL USA

It was at this time that I heard Bob, VE3BDB calling CQ 19 and I heard his QSO with VE1LV, then he worked VE1XW and W1NU. I was not able again this year to work Bob.

Then my receiver decided to pack it in. It developed a very bad hum and a horrific squeal so I shut down for repairs or radio swap out.

Well, that looked good so far. Some of the locals were out of the way and a couple of DX stations worked to boot.

It had been pre-arranged that the next morning I would work VE1AIR (Jack) then scoot over and pick him up as he is the trusty and faithful 2nd operator for this occasion. Here is how it actually worked out.

1410 VE1AIR - Jack - Riverview NB

1414 VE1LV - Hal - Truro NS

1417 VE1SWR - Ann - Truro NS

1422 VE1PJS - Peter - Truro NS

1427 VE9TV - Omer - Shediac NB

1430 VE9NB - John - Riverview NB

1434 VE9MSR - Bob - Moncton NB

At this point I was finally able to go get the second operator as well as a break for lunch with my wife, who is most understanding about ham radio. Daughter Kathryn is a ham (VE9KVP with 12 WPM) but wife Claudia says 'no way'.

OK, now we are back from lunch, the shorted vertical has been repaired and the 19 set is outside of its air tight case by 1 inch and what a difference. Letting the heat out seemed to stop all the trouble I had the night before.

We decided to use the 40-meter dipole on the 19 set with the vertical on the ICOM IC-730 to try and maintain some sort of frequency and also because I expected to be able to hear more on it. That was not the case.

The 19 set Mk III did an excellent job of hearing everything that the ICOM heard. Jack even commented a couple of times that he didn't hear a couple of the stations on the ICOM that I was working with the 19 set. (Might have to check that out.)

1703 VE9YC - Jack - Moncton NB (provided my 3rd 19 set, TKS Jack)

1707 VE1EO - Gord - Summerside PEI

1710 VE1KB - Gerry - Moncton NB

1714 VE1WG - Bill - Moncton NB

1717 VE9TCA - Ola - Moncton NB

1736 VE1AHM - Gary - Moncton NB

1749 VE9GG - George - Moncton NB

1755 VE1AWJ - Laurie - Moncton NB

1745 VE9CX - Hinson - Moncton NB

We hung around for another hour calling CQ 19 and listening but didn't hear any more activity so we shut down.

During the activities, I did hear quite a few signals that must have been other 19 sets. But with all the strong local stations that wanted to work the other sets, I had a devil of a time hearing them once the locals got wind there was more than just mine.

All in all, I had a great time, even though I must admit that CW is not my favourite mode and tends not to get used often enough to make me a confident CW user.

To those I did work, a very big thank you for your persistence. To all those that I know were there trying to work me but were unable, I must say that I am sorry we didn't. Maybe next year?

Many thanks to Bob (VE3BDB) for the 19 set web site and to Dave (VA3ORP) for handling the weekly and monthly 19 set voice and CW nets.

With all the exposure the event had, it sure helped. Looks like I'd better check in more often on the CW net for the much needed CW practice.

7 3 to all!

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