I am a retired engineer, ham radio amateur PA1KDG, electronics experimenter, living in the Netherlands. My interests are GPS, DSP and java programming. The GPS part of this website describe my attempts to program a GPS-SDR-receiver in java. I also have an homepage written in Dutch about my daily life.

Morse, why?

Most of the girls of my age know knitting (breien). Most younger girls do not learn knitting anymore. So the art of knitting is going to disappear.

A lot of boys and girls of my age know about cw. Not so many of them actually have (still) the skill to use morse-code. Most new amateurs do not learn morse anymore. So the art of morse is going to disappear.

This homepage, why?

I enjoy surfing on the internet. There is really soo much to see, soo much to learn. There are soo many ideas! I want to make my humble contribution to the information on the net.

Comments are very welcome. You can reach me by email at PA1KDG at qsl dot net (yes, you have to apply some intelligence for the real address!)

Kees de Groot, PA1KDG

Yes, of course I want to know if there are readers of this page...