BeachNet Repeater System

BeachNet Repeater System

Pacific, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Thurston & Wahkiakum Counties, Washington

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Nicolai Mountain

Clatsop County, OR
46.08625, -123.45217
3007 Feet
Call: K7GA

444.500  +5MHz  118.8Hz
52.810  -1.7MHz   100Hz

Nicolai UHF Repeater

Nicolai Packet Station

K7GA 6m Repeater

There are power issues at
this site, forcing service
outages periodically. Our
ability to solve this is
very limited.

Location: The Nicolai Mountain radio site is a few miles south of the Bradley Summit (Bradley Overlook State Park wayside) on Oregon Highway 30, southwest of Westport, Oregon. The sheer eastern face of the mountain angles south-southeast from the summit on Hwy 30, climbing to 3000-feet. The radio site is at the south end of this ridge, at its highest point, overlooking Jewell, Mist, Vernonia, and the Nehalem River Valley. The vantage into the Longview/Kelso area is good, as well as into some parts of the Portland Metro area. The land is part of the Clatsop State Forest, under the supervision of the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Coverage: Nicolai anchors the Southeast corner of our service area, covering the Logview-Kelso area, and north along Interstate 5 to at least the Highway 12 interchange, well into the overlap area with the Olympia repeater. The Nicolai repeater is usable along WA Hwy 4, from Longview, to Cathlamet and westward, where it overlaps the coverage of our other repeaters. The repeater is usable on Highway 53 in the Nehalem River Valley, into Nehalem, Wheeler and Manzanita. Parts of Highway 26 are covered, and it can be used in the Portland/Vancouver area, as well as east up the Columbia Gorge, if you pick your spot carefully.

Affiliated with the
BeachNet system, the Nicolai repeater is owned by K7GA, the EC/RO for ARES/RACES in Wahkiakum County. It is primarily intended to provide emergency communications in Wahkiakum County and the rest of ARES/RACES District Four (Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, Clark and Skamania Counties). During emergency situations, the Nicolai repeater will most likely be taken off the network for use by District Four.

Originally, there was a wooden forestry lookout tower on the site. In the mid 1980's, this structure (encrusted in antennas and feedlines) had fallen into disrepair, and was rickety enough to be condemned. All the users were given one year to remove their antennas. The State Forestry Department erected a steel tower, and rented space on it. Several tenants provided their own poles to avoid paying for tower space. The left-most picture below shows this time period. The old lookout tower is now long gone, except for the concrete leg bases. The rest of the pictured towers and poles are still in use.

Hardware: The repeater consists of a GE Mastr-II 110-watt continuous duty base station (running 40-watts), with an Arcom RC-210 controller in a 44-inch GE cabinet. The duplexer is a Decibel Products 4-cavity bandpass-notch type feeding a 9 dBd omni vertical antenna through 50 feet of double-shielded coaxial cable. There is a UHF GE Rangr mobile used as a link transceiver, with a 6-element Yagi antenna. The packet station uses a VHF Kenwood radio, with a VHF bandpass cavity. It feeds a 3 dBi vertical on a pole next to the building. There are plans to move it to the tower in the summer of 2013.

Station Power: The commercial power line to the site failed in 2010. Clatsop County picked up the slack with their diesel generator until December, 2011, when they shut off the juice, removed the generator and abandoned their building. Our landlords (fortunately) decided to stay, and we installed a 5 kW generator (propane) in the building. We worked out a remote control system to allow us to operate the generator remotely, using the UHF repeater. This charges a 1700-AmpHour battery bank through two 80-Amp chargers. The load consists of our UHF and 6-meter repeaters, packet station and four commercial repeaters.

The Clatsop County (Oregon) Sunset Empire ARC operates the 146.76 repeater out of the abandoned Clatsop County building. They also have a battery bank. Whenever our generator is running, it also powers a 120 VAC line to their building to charge their batteries. Since they are only supporting a single repeater, their battery always gets sufficient charge.

Packet Radio: The "NICOLI" packet radio node is located on this site. This is part of the 145.630 MHz 1200-Baud Washington Coastal EOC Packet Network. This node is primarily intended to extend the range of the K7GA-10 Winlink2000 RMS station in Cathlamet. It is a ble to connect with most of the Western Washington nodes, including "3SIS", which overlooks Puget Sound. The packet station also has a Telemetry beacon (every half-hour when activated) that reports the battery voltage from the site.

Six-Meters: Geoff also hosts a 6-meter repeater from this same site. Although not part of
BeachNet, the K7GA 52.810 (-1.7 offset, 100.0 Hz PL) repeater is linked to three other six-meter machines to the north, one on "BawFaw" another North Mountain, near Shelton, WA, and the third in Hoquiam, WA, for excellent Western Washington coverage. The pair of large folded dipoles on the right (east) side of the tower in the picture (below, right) serve this repeater well.






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