Jim Philopena

Formerly licensed as WN1VJW/WA1VJW, KA1VGP and in Germany as DA2PJ. Originally licensed in 1976!

21 Year Air Force Veteran, retired as a Master Sergeant.  Assignments include:  1977 - 1978 Air Force Basic Training Lackland AFB, TX and Computer Operators School - Burroughs Shepard AFB, TX | 1978 - 1981 Pease AFB, NH | 1981 - 1983 Lowry AFB, CO | 1983 - 1985 Sunnyvale AFS (now known as Onizuka AFS), CA | 1985 - 1989 Ramstein AB Germany | 1989 - 1992 Wright-Patterson AFB, OH | 1992 - 1998 Ramstein AB, Germany.

Directed Air Force MARS program at Wright-Patterson AFB from 1989 to 1992.

ARES AEC for Cheshire County, New Hampshire.

New QTH on 2.1 Acres in a town that has a tower restriction. Nothing more than 70 feet. I'm already at 1200 with most terrain at <500. I think I can live with it.

My day job is a Computer Network Engineer (Senior Network Specialist, University of Massachusetts, Presidents Office).  I've been working with computers my entire adult life (that equates to more than most - 33 Years at this point). Computer networks and desktop systems since 1987. 23 years of watching others pull their hair out has been - uhm - Interesting.

I became interested through High School friends in Amateur Radio.  We had a station in the Physics Lab at the High School and I would spend many a free period listening and learning.  My licenses have lapsed several times due to military commitments.  Didn't always have the opportunity to put up a station.  That explains the many calls.