Tower antennas and coax grounding is important when you're up as high as it is here compared to the average terrain. The top of the tower is the highest point around for a few miles (there's a video camera mounted at the top and it's above the tree tops with a clear view 360 degrees for miles, the tip of the G6-144 is at 82' AGL which puts it at roughly 1300' above sea level). So I put extra effort and investment into doing it right. The above shot is the ground buss at the bottom of the tower and the matching one at the top.  This assures outer conductor grounding and surge suppression. The tower has a 2" heavy copper strap per leg going to separate ground rods and those are bonded to runs of 6 gauge wiring into the yard in a "V" with 2 more 8' rods in each 32' leg of the "V". There's a total of 16 X 8', 1/2" copper clad ground rods in place.  One of those V's hits the utility ground and another hits the vertical radial ground. I.C.E. suppressors are on the Cable and Phone demarkations and another I.C.E. at the central Circuit Breaker panel. Rotor and Coax Switch cables are also protected with dual suppressors at the top and bottom of the tower.  I.C.E. units here as well.