Outside, the tower is 65 feet of Rohn 45G guyed at two places with Phillystrand. The Tower is actually 69 feet of 45G, but 4 of those feet are buried in the 5 yards of concrete and 210' of rebar (see the tower construction page for more pictures). On the Tower there is a Cubex Mark III PT-5 Band, 3 Element Quad (20M - 10M), a Cubex KingBee II 6 and 2 meter Quad (4 el on 6M, 8 el on 2M), a Hustler G6-144 and an Alpha Delta DX-A Sloper. I also built a sidearm out of Aluminum Angle for a home made 24 element Discone for the Scanner.  Also outside is a Diamond X-50, 6M Ringo (visible to the right of the tower and is roof mounted), ground mounted 5 Band Hy-Gain Vertical (painted in a camoflague from when I lived in a condo - between the two Birch trees), and a 40M Cage Dipole. For the 5 Band Quad I built a 5 position coax switch using KiloVac Vacuum Relays in the tower mounted box and and the controller interfaces via the parallel port on the PC with HRD automatically. Rotator duties are handled by a TailTwister and a controller with an Idiom Press board with RS-232 option. FWIW, this is the best option for upgrading these fine rotators IMHO.  Cable runs are all 1/2" Andrews Hardline and connectors up the tower and 1/2" SuperFlex Hardline runs to the Patch Panel.  The loop around the rotor ia RG-214 Dual Braid, Silver Plated that I acquired while in the military.