This tower project actually goes back over a year.  In the summer of 2009 I bought a used tower from a Ham in Maine.  Got it for a good price and was going to get it in a couple of weekends.  His XYL needed it out of there - she wanted her parking space back.  I couldn't make it that weekend (I was on-call for work), so he offered to deliver as he was making a HRO run that weekend anyway.  Just chip in for the gas.  I like deals like this.

I started building the tower the beginning of August when I had a local guy dig the hole for me.  With the rocky soil of New Hampshire, a backhoe is much better than a shovel.  He ended up making it bigger than I wanted, but I adjusted.  It also put me over the minimum for free delivery from the local concrete company.  Spent a whole day bending and tieing rebar into a cage.  Thanks to a forked tree and two pieces of water pipe, I was able to make the cage.  There's 21, 10 foot sections of Rebar in that first picture.  The second picture is after the 5 yards of concrete were poured and the last the finished base.  Now, to get grass grow before the moss takes hold.

I didn't take any pictures while I was installing the antennas.  My hands were full.  I put it all up alone.  Well, I did rent an JLG Boom Lift.  Worth every penny.  You can see the ground straps in the last picture.  Like I said, I took it serious and did it as best I knew how.