A complete Heathkit HW-5400 station with the HW-5400 with the HWA-5400-2 and -3 accessories (Keypad and CW Filter), HO-5404 Monitor Scope with Pan Adapter, HWA-5400-1 Power Supply/Speaker/Clock, HD-1515 Phone Patch, HD-1410 Audio Filter, SA-5010 Keyer, HD-1986 Microphone Equalizer, SA-2060A Tuner and it's connected to the SB-1000 Linear.  Mic is a Shure 444D. There's even a fully up-to-date HK-232 with the MBX, DSP and PSK boards so it to can do soundcard modes. I picked up the HD-3006 cheap and added it to the HK-232 (that's the Cross Hair looking thing). Everything works 100% and I am the original owner/builder on 75% of it. And Yes, those are Blue LEDs illumination the SA-2060A's meters.