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Items 142, 143, 144 & 145



A new state-of-the-art cw key.
CT EUROPE is a dual lever (IAMBIC PADLLE). Plated edition. Has a very unusual design - three hoops on a classic pillbox base. The spring tension and contact spacing for each lever can be adjusted individually with the knurled screws. Bearing tension is adjustable but won't normally need it. The feel of this paddle is extremely crisp and precise. The CT Europe dual paddle has machined coin silver contacts, plexiglass fingerpieces, and an attached cable with 1/8" plug and 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor.
Unique individual serial number (S/N 148 UA 2006) and individualy hand crafted, finished and packed. This paddles are made by UT7CT and available in Europe from M0EDX on his eBay store.The CT EUROPE is a fine looking key but they are easily scratched. Don't try to polish it, NEVER.
It comes complete with 3,5mm and 6,3mm connectors ready to plug into a transciever jack keyer.
However my CT key required re-wiring to get the "dots" on the left side and the "dashes" on the right.
Mainly it makes quite a job transmiting....VERY NICE!



World War II - 1941
CZECHOSLOVAK ARMY morse telegraph key with original line and plug.
Made of bakelite and steel: key knob made with black bakelite, the cross and other details made from steel and bakelite. Very well preserved and measures about 15 cm and weights 480 gr.
The steel cross has two positions: UP to recieve (PRIJFM) and down to transmit (VYSILANI).
After cleaning operations (no repair was necessary), it was only screwed to a new wooden base.
Bought on "Collectibles Salesa" at Bohemia, Czech Republic.


 # 3 ..... SPEED X, MORSE CW KEY

Nice-looking example of the "SPEED - X" morse / CW key.
It's constructed on a heavy, cast-metal base which is itself mounted on a surprisingly heavy composition multi-layer simulating wood base, with 4 rubber feet.
It does not move, even on my operating desk.
It has a nice keying action and the moving parts, pivots, spring etc. are in good condition as are the contacts. The knob is unusual in that it has 3 levels, the top one being a small rubber pad, making it feel "ergonomically comfortable" when sending...
Although is quite a heavy key (about 450gr)


 # 4 ..... Bulgarian radio morse key

Rare and original vintage 1950's Bulgarian radio morse key is marked on the top of the cover 'G. Damjanov' and 'Razgrad'. G. Damjanov was the name of the factory and Razgrad is the city in which it was located.
George Parvanov Damjanov, 1892-1958 was a hero of socialistic work. In 1992 the name of the factory was changed to Han Krum.
Length 15cm;
Width 7cm;
Tall 4,5cm.
Purchased and received directly from Sofia, Bulgária.



Old Bakelite Morse Code Signaler sender.
It operates with two "D" size batteries (2x1,5v).
This is in raised letters in front: " OFFICIAL SIGNALER, FLERON". In recessed letters in front we can see: "INTERNATIONAL MORSE CODE, 3 2 1 0 B+ L1 L2"
The switch on the right, has four positions: 3, 2, 1 and 0.
At the midle front-top the Scouts symbol and on the back side one litle lamp witch lights up when the key is pressed.
Nice piece and very well preserved
Purchased and received from Phelan, California, USA


 # 6 ..... J-43 STR8 MORSE KEY

Serial number #J43N151
In this case the standard J-37 is on a rectangular base stamped with a white "J-43" on the left side and a large toggle switch on the right side. The toggle switch is marked "OPEN" at the back and "CLOSED" at the front. The J-43 also has an additional binding post, marked "RELAY", and a small metal wicket mounted on the right rear of the base. The toggle switch has no effect on the normal operation of the key, but when the switch is set to CLOSED there is continuity between the "GND." (left) terminal on the frame and the "RELAY" binding post on the right rear of the base.
No manufacturer is indicated (Lionel Corporation, NY)
This scarce key is in very good condition, complete and original.
Purchased and received from Athens, Greece.


 # 7 ..... Soviet Heavy Duty RF & Dust Proof Hand Key

New SOVIET RF & dust proof hand key. Type TKF
The two main key contacts are silver coated.
These keys were manufactured in the former USSR, for the Soviet army up through the 1980s but were never delivered.
Designed for heavy duty use, they are very robust but can be adjusted for a very nice feel. Tension, contact spacing, and bearing tension can all be adjusted.
The hinged cover and base are a heavy plastic, as is the knob. A nice piece of Cold War history.
Purchased and received from YURY at Ukraine.



Model MT50, RFT morse key type 2. Standard key of GDR.
Made in East Germany by RFT that was the government factory for electronics.
The gasket was to protect the operator and all around him from sparks produced by the hight current inside and, as they was made for military use, they put the gasket to keep the sparks inside and to avoid fire.
Bakelite box with steel base. Quite heavy!
Inside one normal Junkers key very well preserved.
Purchased and received from YURY (Ukraine)


 # 9 ..... WT-8 BAKELITE MORSE KEY  

Purchased in very good condition concernig its age, nice patina, unpolished. Made of bakelite and fixed on pertinax desk.
Now on it's new wooden board.
It's marked: WT-8amp No.2, MK III
Desk measurements 11 x 5.7cm, weight: 150gr


 # 10 ..... KEMPRO KP-200
This amazing electronic key was made by KENPRO in Japan. The model KP-200 has four available and programable memories by the operator.
Also you may choose the speed and the audio output.
I purchased this key to a friend, CT4KQ, a few years ago, and the only thing needed was to change the old inside batteries.
Cover top and bottom were painted over with the same color ink.
This electronic morse key is for sure the most eficient device I ever use on amateur radio cw operation.


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