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Last full weekend of February

This annual contest has been named to honour Jock White ZL2GX, NZART Contest and Awards Manager for over 40 years, for the service that he gave to NZART during that time. This contest, like many others, results from Jock's initiatives. See Full rules and the latest results.

Year 2012

Team 40m: CW - Wes ZL3TE (Team Leader); Phone: Wallace ZL1WAL, James ZL1KNI
Team 80m: CW - Andrei ZL1TM; Phone - Ray, ZL1AJR, Ian ZL2ATD, Japie ZL1JJN.
Sustenance: Steve ZL1FS, Christine
Set up: All of the above, plus, Giovanni ZL1BRA, Paul ZL2AJY.

Northern Region - 1st Place with Total Score = 333245




40 M 339 163 13 23 12
80 M 336 209 0 32 16


ZL1TM (left) and ZL2ATD (right) 


Field Day came and went before anyone could bat an eye. A lot of credit goes to Gwynne, ZL1AAR who without his notes and forethought, it would have been difficult. I stepped up at the beginning of February to help with FD after Gwynne had broken a leg. (I guess he took the old saying a bit too seriously, Hi Hi). Gwynne happily handed his notes over and the pre-planning began.

A site survey took place on Saturday, 18 February at 10:00 AM with Wallace ZL1WAL, Ray ZL1AJR, James ZL1KNI, Japie ZL1JNN, and Wes ZL3TE present. We discussed station locations, antennas, which ones to use, where to place them, how to mount them, etc. Quite a bit was accomplished by the time I had to depart a few hours later. The rest of the team stayed until 4:00 PM.

Saturday, 25 February arrives, and a group converged on the operating site to put everything into motion. The set up team of Wallace ZL1WAL, Giovanni ZL1BRA, Japie ZL1JJN, James ZL1KNI, Ray ZL1AJR, Paul ZL1AJY, Ian ZL2ATD and Wes ZL3TE all went to work. Tents went up, generator placed, AC Mains run to tents, and stations started to be assembled. It was all working to plan. Selwyn ZL1BRC and Steve ZL2FS stopped by for a while to observe and provide input, which is always appreciated.

The 80 M team had the usual suspects, Ray ZL1AJR, Ian ZL2ATD, Japie ZL1JJN, and Andrei ZL1TM., while over on 40 M, James ZL1KNI, Wallace ZL1WAL and Wes ZL3TE kept things going, with guest appearances by Ray ZL1AJR and Japie ZL1JJN, sneaking in a few SSB Sessions. I suspect they were checking up on us.

Both stations were very close in the number of contacts each made on SSB and CW. There are more Branch / Home stations on 80 M than on 40 M, and fewer stations operating CW this year. The antennas chosen worked very well, and were able to maintain consistent communications with all areas throughout the weekend. 80 M seemed to fall a little short in some areas, but we will hopefully address that next year.

Without giving too much away to the competition, we went with simple wire antennas, some that our HF Guru Selwyn ZL1BRC had made. He gave excellent advice about them. Rigs used were TS-870D on 80 CW: FT-1000MP on 80 SSB; IC-756 Pro II on 40M SSB; and FT-1000MP on 40 M CW. Computer logging was used to aid compile the results. But, we could not have maintained our on-air presence without the support of Steve, ZL1FS and Christine, who kept the troops fed and watered.

After the festivities were done and the last station logged, it all came down. Oddly enough, it comes down easier than going up. The tear down crew consisted of the same set up crew with Andrei, ZL1TM, rounding out the lot. Everything is now in the hands of Gwynne, ZL1AAR to submit our logs. Initial results look good, VERY GOOD, so a Big Thanks to everyone involved. Letís start looking towards next yearís Jock White Field Day on 23 / 24 Feb, 2013.

de Wes, W3SE / ZL3TE


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