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OH2BOZ visiting ZL1AA September 2015
Where was Fox 5 hiding?" he asks after running the 2012 Inter-Branch ARDF Competition in Dingle Dell, St Heliers.
Vaughan Henderson, ZL1VH (wearing a blue hooped T-shirt) and Simon Watt-Wyness ZL1SWW (wearing a dark T-shirt) were winner and runner up respectively
Club members visiting TelstraClear satellite earth station. Letf to right:
Selwyn (ZL1BRC), Gwynne (ZL1AAR), Andrei (ZL1TM), Bob (ZL1AFU), Symon (ZL1SWW), Don (ZL1CY, SK), Iain (ZL1UMC),
Arnold (ZL1MA), John (ZL1BNL, SK) and son of Andrew. Andrew is TelsraClear Operations Manager and he has taken this photo.
Field Day 2006. Selwyn (ZL1BRC). 40m Phone. QRZ?
Field Day 2006. Andrei (ZL1TM). 80 m CW. 599 xxx 02 TU.
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