The simple 7MHz CW transceiver
made with Motrola MC3362P

The 7MHz CW transceiver made with MC3362P. I made a 7MHz CW transceiver by using the IC for the narrow band FM double super receiving circuit, MC3362P. I intended to make a transceiver for 10MHz band in the beginning. But, I was worried by the neighboring spurious signal which wasn't expected, and I changed the plan. I changed frequency to 7MHz band, and continued the production, and completed this transceiver. The CW transceiver made by MC3362P was introduced to the QST journal of December, '90 and January, '91 as well. (The article of the translation of selected passages appeared in August, 91 issue of the JA-CQ journal as well.) Because 2 set of double balanced mixers and local oscilators are built in this IC, it is suitable for the single super heterodyne receiver of SSB/CW. I made the whole circuit scale compact by using the 1st mixer of the receiving circuit as the mixer for the transmission as well. I am only using 2 transistors of the transmitting output stage, 1 FET of the reception AGC, NJM386(second source of LM386) and 4 transistors such as the transmitting-receiving switch, except for MC3362P. But, though it is very much disappointed, it seems to finish the production of MC3362P by the end in 1998. (The Motrola company recommends MC13135 as the substitut.)
I included this transceiver into the case of 'P-7' which was kit of the Mizuho company. As for being reflected by the photograph of the upper front panel, a slide switch under that is a power switch with a stereophonic headphones jack, a key jack, a VFO knob, RF gain, AF gain from the left. It is the power supply connector of DC6 - 9V and a M-type antenna connector that it is reflected by the photograph of the rear panel.

Circuit schematic
In the middle of the experiment (June, 98)
The print circuit board made by JA1EIH, Mr. YANAGI

After the installing a part in the circuit board


Original documentation and schematic:

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