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How to add your picture to my database?

I can accept almost any file format you may have including .BMP, .TIF, .GIF, .PCX etc. If necessary, I will convert your image to.JPG format. Your image should not exceed a maximum of 400 pixels in width. Larger images will be reduced as needed . 400x300 is the maximum size for landscape (horizontal) images. Portrait (vertical) images must be no taller than 350 pixels or 300 wide. The final size of your .JPG file must be less than 40KB.
Make sure your image is named after your callsign. Example: AA7BQ.JPG, N7SQD.GIF, W7ABC.JPG, etc.. If you name your picture BILL.GIF, it will probably end up getting lost in the shuffle. Give the file the same name as your callsign.

The easiest way to send me your image is to send it as an email attachment that is named after your callsign to: [email protected]

Thank's! 73 from Csaba. yo5ofh



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