General information
CB-Radio Component Database
To Design and Build a Portable, Miniaturised, Multichannel FM Transmitter
FM transmitters and related circuits
2 Transistor FM Voice Transmitter - can be tuned to operate over the range 87-108MHz
3W FM Transmitter - operates between 90 and 110 MHz
4 Transistor Transmitter - provides an FM modulated signal with an output power of around 500mW at around 100 MHz
Basic FM Transmitter
Crystal HF Electronics - radio transmitters and related electronics
FM Band Monaural Transmitter - Varactor diode gives high quality modulation, pdf file
FM Broadcast VCO and Buffer - for 88-108 MHz
FM - PLL Transmitter - for 87,9 to 107,9 Mhz, output power adjustable from 10 to 350 mW, suppy voltage 14-18VDC
FM Band Monoaural Transmitter - high quality monoaural FM transmitter, FET based oscillator
FM Stereo Transmiter
FM Transmitter - low powered FM transmitter, includer circuit board and parts placement picture
High Fidelity FM stereo matrix generator circuit - circuit is for use with mono transmitters to give out clear stereo output
Long-range FM Transmitter - power output of 200-250 milliwatts and range up to about 2 kilometres, frequency around 100 MHz
Low Power FM Transmitter- oprates from 9V battery, frequency range aroun 90-108 MHz, can take microphone or line level signals in
Micro Power FM Broadcasting Circuits - accessories to transmitter circuits: audio limiter, audio mixer, antenna and essential modifications for Ramsey FM10
Mighty's Pirate Radio - many radio circuits, including mono and stereo FM transmitters
Simple FM Band Transmitter - very simple crystal controlled transmitter for 70-110 MHz FM band, no modulation option provided
Simple FM Transmitter - versions for 30-40 MHz, 40-50 MHz and 90-100 MHz ranges
Simple FM transmitter - circuit is a simple two transistor (2N2222) FM transmitter powered by a 9 volt battery
Small Radio Transmitter - information about building a small radio transmitter, which has a PCB 1.75" x 2.5" (45mm x 68 mm) and has a range of about 30 yards or so at 85-108 MHz frequency range
Um excelente gerador de FM para a faixa de 88 a 108 MHz - PLL syntetized generator of FM for the band of 88 the 108 MHz, text in portugese, you can use automatic translation to English
We-man's radio circuits - FM transmitters, fax interface and antenna design
FM wireless mics
FM Room Bug - circuit diagram description and PCB layout
FM Transmitter Kits for Beginners
High power FM mic
Miniature FM Transmitter #1 - simple transmitter for electret microphone
Miniature FM Transmitter #2 - easy to build miniature FM voice transmitter
Miniature FM Transmitter #3 - sensitive FM transmitter with electret microphone
Ramsey FM10 transmitter kit related circuits
Ramsey FM-10 Info - modifications, output amplifier, RF probe, filters, antenna
Ramsey FM-10 Five Essential Modifications
Telephone transmitters
FM Telephone Bug
FM Telephone Transmitter
Phone-bug - A simple transmitter that is powered from the phoneline
Simple wireless FM bug
RF transmitter amplifiers
1 watts RF slutsteg - RF Amplifier 1W
100-15W Amplifier Stage for 3 meters band
Slutsteg 22watt - 22W amplifier for 88-108MHz band
The 500W Radio Power Amplifier - for 160, 80 and 40 meter bands
Other radio transmitters
1.5 Volt Tracking Transmitter
136kHz and 73kHz circuits
1.5 Volt Tracking Transmitter -fFrequency range is the usual 87-109Mhz on the FM dial
900Mhz 9600bps Radio Link - reference design from the AVNET electronics page for a wireless 9600bps transceiver
AM radio tone transmitter using 4049 hex inverter - produces an audible whine at 1000 kHz on your AM dial, crystal controlled frequency
A Single Triode 350 Watt Power Amplifier With the Svetlana 572B - for frequencies below 30 MHz
Basic RF Oscillator - tunable to different bands
Ensemble domestique HF 4 voies - 4 channel radio remote controller which controls 4 relays, text in French, try automatic transtation to English
FM Oscillator - circuit for a VCO and buffer that operates across the entire FM broadcast band (88-108 MHz)
Light Sensing RF Transmitter - transmit operates at FM and VHF bands
Micropower AM band radio station - simple transmitter offers surprisingly good signal quality, pdf file
Micro Power AM Broadcast Transmitter - 74HC14 hex Schmitt trigger inverter is used as a square wave oscillator to drive a small signal transistor in a class C amplifier configuration
N5FC's 2N2222 40 Meter CW/DSB Transceiver
Op amp based AM radio transmitter - operates at 1 MHz and takes sound from microphone
Peter's Electronic Plans - FM transmitters, TV transmitters, bugging devices and more
Powerless transmitter
Radio circuits by Kazuhiro Sunamura - over 100 simple radio circuits
Simple 2-meter transmitter
Simplest RF TransmitteR - radio amplifier built from 5 components
SSB Modulator - generates SSB signals from 35MHz to 80MHz
UKW Sender - operates from one 1.5V battery, lacks some coil information



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