PCB projects UV mode - made as request (see projects)


       1.   144 MHz - GU74b (single tube) 800W PA (under construction) 

     2.    Guitar valves (HIWATT CLONE) 100W power amplifier (finished project)

      3.   1,3GHz LCD frequency meter with pic16F84/U664b prescaller (project finished)

     4.   4 events sequencer (project finished)

     5.   UV box for PCB (project finished)

     6.  Swr/Pwr-meter with atmega8 microcontroller for VHF/UHF (project finished)

     7.  Swr/Pwr-meter with PIC16F88 microcontroller for HF (under construction)

     8. Swr/Pwr-meter with PIC16F876 microcontroller for HF (under construction)    

     9. Small 12V P.S.U. - 1Amp and 3Amps based on LM317 (project finished)

   10. Big power (2 x 500W) audio amplifier (finished project)

   11. Speaker protection circuit (finished project)

   12. Big power (1200W) audio speaker's filters (finished project)

   13. Low cost 6 - 8 m high, antenna tower (under construction)

   14. Valve phono preamplifier with RIAA correction (finished project)

   15. Javornik - 14/144 MHz high performance Xverter (under construction)

   16. F1JGP - 28/144 MHz transverter (under construction)

   17. ADAGIO - high quality valve audio preamplifier/tone control (under construction)

   18. Triode Board Controller + High Voltage P.S.U. (finished project)

   19. Light Bulb filament Controller (finished project)

   20. Bidirectional 24V DC motor speed controller (finished project)

   21. PWM from 0 to 100% - 100A/24V DC motor speed controller (finished project)

   22. Guitar 2 x 12 cabinet 160W/8ohms (finished project)  

   23. Guitar valves  (MARSHALL JCM 800 clone) 50W power amplifier (finished project)

   24. Marshall 9000 guitar preamp - footswitch modification (under construction)

   25. Guitar valves  combo (MARSHALL JCM 800) 50W power amplifier (under construction)

   26. Bass Guitar 450W passive extension cab (MARKBASS CMD 121P clone) (finished construction)

   27.  150W Active stage monitor - PEAVEY CXP-110 clone (under construction)





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