JCM 800 LEAD SERIES 2204 CLONE

       JCM800 chassis plans & details

       It's the small version (432 x 165 x 63,5) dimensions from here, but in millimeters





        15.10.2014 Chassis ready

        Chassis made by 2mm aluminum


        Front view


        Rear view                                                               Fx loop series added



        Populated chassis      


        Turret preparing




        25.10.2014 Turret ready


          Pots added to chassis


        Wiring the chassis



        Input jacks wired


        05.11.2014 Output transformer and choke added to chassis (transformers hand made)

        (all transformers were impregnated with varnish and dry in oven for 48 hours)


       High voltage capacitors building

        - 2 x 47uF/450V


         - 2 x 25uF/900V


         Capacitors wiring


         pair of vintage 6CA7 (EL 34) tubes


         26.12.2014 Finally equipped chassis


       07.01.2015 first sound test

      The amp was tested in our musical studio by me


      and by both Maddriven Rock Band guitarists and the sound was amazing


     07.02.2015 Head wood construction


    11.04.2015 head's tolex covered



      20.05.2015 faceplates laser cut



     25 08.2015 amp ready for stage




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