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Introducing EchoLink

Official EchoLink Status Page

IRLP Active Node Status Page


Check out our Internet Repeater GB3DX, Node 7125
and website at www.gb3dx.com

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Click Below For IRLP Information:

IRLP Node to Node Procedure

IRLP Reflector Procedure

G4EID Worldwide Reflector Status Page




As a result of Canadian David Cameron's (VE7LTD) research, experimentation and determination to link amateur radios to the Internet in November of 1997, licensed amateur radio operators have a new digital mode to use which allows them to talk to one another both locally and worldwide.

Visit the Official Home of IRLP, The Internet Radio Linking Project, at http://irlp.net for a list of IRLP Systems that stream audio from reflectors and nodes worldwide.

The Active Node Status Page Link above lists all the Node and Reflector ID numbers. These numbers form the nuclei of Node and Reflector connection and disconnection codes, providing important near-real-time Node/Reflector information.

The above links provide amateur radio operators with IRLP Node and frequency information for their region.

Node owner information is also provided on the Official IRLP Website by clicking on each Node's Callsign.

IRLP operation is fun and very simple. We encourage hams to explore this mode and make friends worldwide. If new to IRLP, read the instruction pages on YLRADIO and /or talk to local hams that use the system.


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