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The function of the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP), located in Victoria, British Columbia, is to maintain effective awareness, preparedness, response and recovery programs to reduce the human and financial costs of emergencies and disasters. In this role, PEP works closely with local governments, provincial ministries and agencies, federal departments and volunteers.


Any interested licensed radio amateur is eligible to become a member of ARES and is encouraged to join RAC, but this is not a prerequisite. Emergency-powered equipment is also recommended, but not required.

RAC supports the radio amateur emergency network across Canada. These licensed radio operators operate the RAC Field Organization which includes ARES and NTS (National Traffic Service). If you would like to volunteer your services contact your local Section Manager listed on website below.

Primary facility for medium to long range traffic.


In the Year 2001, "a letter of understanding between Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), sponsor of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) program, and the British Columbia Provincial Emergency Radio Communication Service (PERCS) was recently approved and signed.

RAC and PERCS agreed to work jointly to provide amateur radio communications services to B.C. government emergency response structure and in the service of the public."


The Emergency Social Services (ESS) program is a Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security program, which includes local volunteers, supported by provinical organizations. It responds to everything from single house fires to calamities involving mass evacuation. For communication purposes, ESS depends on Amateur Radio volunteers. For more details, visit their very comprehensive website listed below!


SEPAR is not an Amateur Radio Club but an organization that serves the community. It includes both licensed amateur operators and other communications' volunteers involved in the city's emergency program.


This organization is constructing a Packet Radio network linking local Emergency Social Services (ESS) Teams with the Provincial ESS Team. The network uses Telus transmission sites to install its own repeaters, linking the South West Coast and interior of the province into one ESS network. The club is coordinating distribution of older radios, donated by the Ministry of Transportation and Highways, and surplus computers, donated by many ministries, to local volunteers. This enables all volunteers to connect to the network.


Established in 1978, the Justice Institute delivers training throughout the province of British Columbia, across Canada, and in a number of countries around the world. The training we provide leads to improved justice and public safety services, and safer communities. They offer training for ESS volunteers on reception centre operations; ESS leadership; resource acquisition; registration & inquiry; group lodging; etc.


A list of governmental emergency preparedness websites that focuses on the the City of Vancouver plus other official and personal emergency preparedness links.

VECTOR began operations in the fall of 1998 and is based out of the E-Comm Building, Vancouver, British Columbia. Their primary role is to coordinate amateur radio communications in an emergency, through ESS, local schools and other communities within the Lower Mainland. The board of directors is run by elected volunteers from the community as well as appointed members of the Parks Board and Vancouver Police.


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