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British Columbia and Alberta
Service/Club Nets

Alberta Public Service Net (APSN)
80M daily net on 3.740MHz at 0130z

B.C. Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) Net
Meets every Wednesday at 7PM local time on 3.735MHz. Forwards information from PEP to all amateur radio operators in B.C.

BC Public Service Corps Net
Meets daily at 01:30z on 3.729MHz, or 5:30PM PST (Winters), and 6:30PM (Summers) This 90 minute net accepts traffic for BC and any other locations within range.

Burnaby ARC VE7RBY Net Swap & Shop
Every Monday at 7:30PM local time on 145.350-MHz. Net Control is Graham, VE7ABC

Central Alberta Radio League VHF Net
Meets every Monday at 20:30 local on 147.150 VE6QE. All check-ins are welcomed.

(NSARC) North Shore Amateur Radio Club, North Vancouver, B.C.
All amateur radio operators welcomed. Meets every Tuesday at 7:00PM on 147.26MHZ +600 offset.

Orchard City Amateur Radio Club
Weekly Kelowna, B.C. Tuesday net at 7:30pm on 146.680MHz. All OMs/YLs welcomed!

An emergency preparedness focus net meets every Wednesday, except the 1st Wednesday of each month, at 8PM local time on BCFMCA VE7RPT repeater 146.940MHz (-600 KHz).

Westcoast Amateur Radio Association Net, Victoria, BC
Monday evening net at 7PM local time on VE7VIC 146.84MHz, 146.66MHz repeaters. Swap and shop, news, and events discussed.


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