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Qucs/Asco-- Qucs Asco 0.4.9  
The Quite Universal Circuit Simulator packaged with the ASCO optimizer. A great program for electronic design. RF/Microwave, transient,DC,AC and harmonic balance analysis. These Programs are created by the Qucs and Asco teams at Sourceforge.org and is compiled and packaged together by me (WN2A) for use on Slacko Puppy Linux, a great distro!

Keep in mind: This is not a released version yet, it is a Snapshot Build.

AK2F/WN2A Beacon

On 28.2082 MHz Running ~ 3 Watts into a A-99 Vertical From Budd Lake, NJ, USA FN20. On Air Since April 1997.
Same 10 Meter MOSFET Transmitter
Status:  Back on the Air. Any Reports?? See link below.

HBR-3 HomeBrew HF Amateur Band Receiver Revision 11
Straightforward Analog/RF Design-Using available parts.
Stable Franklin VFO + Sallen-Key Audio Filter for CW + New Dial+
an internal speaker amp to power external speaker
= A pleasure to use!
Updated: 3 January 2024

Homebrew CW Transmitters-MOuSeFETS
The originals still work, >35 years of use! Download the pdf with all the current revisions.
Now at Version 11... Franklin VFO Stability and More Improvements. Better Documentation. Updated: May 2022.

Charger For 12 volt SLA Batteries
A simple "triple-mode" charger for sealed lead-acid batteries.

Dual-Band Power Amplifier
For 146 and 440 MHz Amateur use. Works in-line with your HT rig. Auto Band-Switching. Uses LDMOS Transistors for good gain, great VSWR tolerance and more. No relays, uses PIN diodes!
Note: Not a beginner's project-- for the RF experienced type.

A Sensitive Low-Cost Frequency Counter with 500 MHz capability. Very Inexpensive Parts List.
The Source Code is available under GNU GPL3.

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More Projects being worked on ....This website is updated as new material is available.
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