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Latest Revision: 11 September 2023

My old 2-Meter Loop and 6-el Quagi.
It worked well, with just 6 watts CW on 2.

Amateur Radio:

American Radio Relay League

Amateur Satellite [AMSAT]

Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Home Page

AC6V Ham Radio Links


Qucs Electronic Design Circuit Analysis/Optimization with S-parameters/Transient/AC and DC Analysis. And more.
See my Qucs page for Puppy Linux (Slacko 6.3.2) Also newer releases.
FreeBasic Open-Source Programming Language. Highly recommended.
Arduino Open-Source Project. Fun stuff, but practical.

QucsStudio An Extremely Capable Circuit Simulator by DD6UM.
       Circuit Analysis/Optimization with S-parameters/Transient/AC /DC/ Harmonic Balance and E/M Simulation. And more!

Companies On The Web:

Texas Instruments
Noisewave Designers and Manufacturers of Precision Noise and Test Equipment. Also Microwave Components
Labview (Easy to Learn Instrumentation Language) National Instruments

Wide Band Systems Receivers, Synthesizers and more. Website needs updating.

Infineon (HEXFET MOSFET's)




Analog Devices

Microchip PIC Processors, versatile and easy to use.
Adafruit Arduino/RaspberryPi/Robotics/Components, and so much more!
NXP Semiconductor


Bud Boxes


List of Parts Suppliers:

Digikey Electronics

Mouser Electronics

You Do It Electronics Center Just outside of Boston, is an amazing place. Go check out the stuff downstairs !




Marlin P. Jones & Assoc (MPJA)
FindChips Components Search Engine

Octopart  Components Search Engine


Puppy Linux Light and fast Linux distro. Slacko 6.3.2 works well. Newer versions available

Puppy Linux Forum (Archive)

Puppy Linux Forum (Current)

Linux Questions


IEEE Homepage

Microwaves 101.com

RF Cafe Good references and daily articles
SolderSmoke Daily Blog Daily Homebrew topics. Always good Reading

Hackaday Fresh Hacks, Every Day

Government Institutions:

Federal Communications Commission