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Updated 4 July 2016

Revision 7 Updated information, improved VFO circuitry, new schematic and layout diagrams.

Original article was in December, 1986 QST by Mike Masterson WN2A (formerly KA2HZA).
Reprinted in QRP Classics,1990.  Winner QST Cover Plaque Award,Dec 1986

 QST Editor for this article was Paul Pagel, N1FB-  (whom is credited with the term MOuSeFET)
Chuck Hutchison W8CH,Technical Editor set up the ARRL Lab tests.

These transmitters have performed extremely well over the years,  with no component failures or downtime since they were built in 1985. They have been used portable on camping and vacation trips , driving a variety of antennas often with less than perfect VSWR loads. They are intended to provide a clean keyed CW signal on 80,40 or 30 meters of 12-20 watts output from +12-+13.8 VDC.  The latest Revision 7, makes changes to improve VFO Stability.

New Revision 7: Download size: ~4039 K MOuSeFET Rev 7

Is The VFO Temperature Compensation worthwhile?
VFO_Temperature_Compensation_Additional_Tests (July 2016)
~92K VFO_Temperature_Compensation

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Thanks to Rob, PA3EQB for Much Helpful Advice and Editing this Revision,
and also Bill, W∅MS for the August 2011 QST article on the transmitters.