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New program started on 8/25/2002.  If you would like to re-apply for the new program you may.  Please note new criteria and program guidelines.

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Winners of the 3.0 level award won after 8/25/02 may display the 3.5 level rating obtained by WM8C's Ham Links as of 12/3/03 without re-application.

2002 Winners prior to 8/25/02 - Previous Award Program
Wm.C.Gowacki Britfeld Weimaraners Unicorns
Loren @ Cerulean Award East Forsyth High School class of "79" CSX's KP Sub (model rail roading)
Marylou's Family Home Page Dating Singles Funtyme
Skyhawk Fireheart Grace United Baptist Church BGZone
Sandpiper's Nest Web Animations - cool site! Wheel of Life
Texas Precancel Club A Year to Remember  Alzheimer's Disease Info Dusilla Whippets
[email protected] The Nooses Knot Aeron Dreams
Jim Phelps Dover Grammar School Magic Hat
Tiempo de Poesia  BV'Lindenheuval - Billard History One Busy Cat
Mareas de Poesia Coyote Jo's Crystal Dreams
ASR Total Web Services MJIMM Michael Jackson tribute The Groove Place
Radio Scanner UK Poetic Pegasus Jiuzhaigou - A Virtual Tour
Killgore's Home Page Newton School Jerry D's Music Site
LitWare - Literacy Software Justins Pond EUROMANIA
Steen's Hjemmeside San Jose' State University Police Department Lowton Web Site
Reploids Among Us The Cole Zone Kidventures
Ravens page Penmarric Cornish Rex Ron Jones Reality
Nobska Web Design Little Darlings  
Winners and Statistics after 8/25/02 - Updated Award Program
Winners 2003
Forever Loved Productions BV'Lindenheuval - Billard History A Friends Freebie Forum
World Achievement Awards The Groove Place Witheridge
Hiap Yick Korea Orchid Jerry D's Music Site
Taylors Elementary School Mario Uva Carlson's Courier
LitWare - Literacy Software Medafford Canton Chow Chows
Voice for the Children Tabetha's Place on the Web Indian Medlars Centre
Horse Properties by Lee Gadzillion things to think about Bobby's Wild Outdoors
Hong Kong Flora Chris' Home on the Internet San Jose' State University Police Department
Bontane Folk Art Central Whaling City Seafood Auction
1876 Victorian England revisited Brujah Haven uprgraded 6-21-03 K8CU's technical Topics
Marcel Flores The Hanlon Homepage Moonlit Dreams
Aspect Ireland Bernard Roy Creative Web Design
Craven County Law Enforcement Officer's Association Articutis Protazon's Art Gallery Belmont Society Elisabeth & Teije's Travel website
Vision Site Design Crystal Eye Design Safe Haven
Children Do Have Rights Jack Russell Terrier Roope Korea Award
KLTY Web Ch0wn Awards Rainbow Gateway
Lions Club Prospective-France Max Love Grosh Scenic Rentals
The Mind's Eye INKredimail Kick Writing
American Association of Webmasters Art by:  Old Bear Grinning Dakota Cajun's Fishing Page
Pedal Prayers Just too Good upgraded 10/2/03 This is my Dream World
Diska's Photos Indian Air Traffic Controllers Guild upgraded 6-30-03 Omni Group Ltd.
A Koh Samui Cerulean Vault Diane Hawkins - Teaching & resources
Woo's Wonder World Of Pooh Deb's Web Design Stahl Works
My Adventures through life Best photos Vietnam uprgraded 11-23-03 Rudolf's Folksmarch page
Tim's Spider Corner Kokopelli Kave Jazz Alley XG Midi's
Linmar  Enterprises Raven LaLonde Family Rhapsody Online
Heppo World Trakntime Jake Chenier
Gilles Pariseau Real Estate Air Hydrant Elite Resourcing
Tekrite Forever precious Shih Tzu Go-Tim
321 Webmaster dot com Millennial Renaissance Imagery Falmouth Theatre Guild
Bei Sarvic Almodarr Free World Group
Erica's Creations New Mexico Sonographics Vision Site Design Awards
Osgoode Hall Northwest Equipment World Wide Web Awards
Sensibility Michele Howard Web Design Perfect Glue
Mattia Family Geneology G1LVN Internet gateway Ambler Studio design
Blue Star PSP Design Reflections Jess Wendover
BrotherNArns Skatins Homepages Dawggone Communications
ELAC Auctioneers KC Blaze Soccer Club KLTY Web
Asthma & Allergy Foundation Of America Sunshine Originals Casson Enterprises
Rolitech Two Tails Les Nosferatu
3D Host LA Aluminum Human Wisdom Endeavor
Arun's Den upgraded 10/2/03 Solo Media Province of Thiatracat
East Forsyth High School class of "79" Virginia Bass Fishing Abbotsford Hospice Society
Ons Nestje - American Staffordshires PHOTOduniya Sarah Duncan
Cartoonist "Pinch" Dr. Layyous Lagoon Yacht Club
Max Graphix HSC Site Jim's Page
Indian MEDLARS center A Romance Shared by Two Planet K
Liberated From Abuse We will never forget 911 Jetzone 2000
Jasmine' s"Emergency" tribute site Honeymoon Marriage Phone Rate Finder
Rocking T Ranch Crooked Smiles Calliope
Mysiquijor Coming Up Next Floie Barrows' "Discover Blythe!" Home Page
Mystic Mage Portal The Land We Love Gigi's Dream Catcher Site
Wombania Gurustu dot com Gene & Linda G's
Cybersoft Me at Cyberspace Defenders of the Crown
The Search Party O.N.Z.C.D.A. Online Award Program Walking the Night
Witheridge Gamephasma 3Dfiction
MR Design Works DeityDiva Til Havesiden
American Baby Contest To dance with Angels It's Wishcraft
Streamer the Beagle Netsperience James MacArthur Digital Scrapbook

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