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  I agree that all critiques given (only provided if requested) will be constructive in nature as positive comment is productive. I will refrain from criticism unless specifically requested by an Applicant, and in such instances, will remain positive where possible in an effort to promote goodwill and advance the level of quality among Internet sites.


  I agree to allow eligibility to all Applicants who meet the SET Criteria of any particular award. I agree to be uniform in my eligibility requirements (Criteria) and will fairly evaluate all sites/pages meeting our Criteria which are submitted by any Applicant.  I further agree to clearly post this Criteria.


  I agree not to discriminate on grounds of race, gender, nation of origin, religion, profession, age, mental or physical handicap, or any other reason which is not globally viewed as an illegal trait or manner of conduct.   (Addendum - sites that promote witch craft or other beliefs strongly adverse to my own will not be considered, not because of their beliefs or lifestyles but because I believe young children should not be exposed to this until they are old enough to make their own decisions and in good conscience I will not put links on this site to them.  This does not apply to fantasy sites that are well intentioned and do not try to promote these beliefs as religions)


  I agree to follow the set Awards Criteria and to adhere to it. 


  I agree to evaluate web sites under the Criteria which was in place at the time of any and/or all application/s. If changes are made to Criteria after the application was received, the submitted site will be evaluated using the Criteria that was in effect when Applicant initially submitted the site.


  I agree to immediately inform any Criteria compliant Applicant in writing, of a 'Refrain to Evaluate' if it is found that a Conflict of Interest would occur in evaluating their Web site - e.g. Such may occur upon being requested to evaluate the Web site of a good friend (also see addendum above).


  I agree to evaluate all submitted sites within 14 days of receipt of submission.   If this deadline cannot be met, I agree to suspend submissions until I can again work within this guideline.


  I agree not to divulge any information about any Applicant to persons, groups, or agencies not directly connected to our Awards Programs, and only then for the purpose of evaluating submissions and notifying winners.  All information received from Applicants via e-mail submissions or submission forms will be deemed private.


  I agree that there will be no obligation for winning Awards from this web site beyond meeting the Criteria.  It is not, and never will be, mandatory to sign my Guest book.   It is not a requirement that any Awards granted from this web site must be linked back to my web site but it is appreciated in order to continue to promote the award program.


  I agree that I will not grant Awards to, or in any other manner endorse or promote, any web site that endorses, promotes or contains content which is considered globally to be illegal or discriminatory, whether same be against human or wildlife.


  I agree that I will not accept favors of any sort in exchange for preferential treatment of submissions. I will at all times maintain a high standard of honesty and integrity to the best of my ability.




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