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Awards This Site Has Won (19)

Cyberoptic Web Design Pikku-Ukon Award

We found that WM8C's Ham Links excelled in the area of detail with a high score of 70/80.  In total your site received 123 points out of a possible 160.  Way to go!  Your site offers very informative information about your awards program, radios and communication devices, and a lot of other interesting concepts and ideas.  It is nicely layed out, has nice navigation and all in all a great contribution to the world wide web.  You obvisouly have put a lot of hard work and commitment into your site. 

AS! Rated 3.5

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You have been granted Pikku-Ukon Bronze 006 Award. Your site was really good and received 87 points. I hope this Award encourages you to keep up the good work with your site.  We had a good time going through your pages. I will gladly visit your site again.

AS! Rated 3.5

Lady Liberty's Award Dark Children Award
free_expression_bronzew.jpg (131x193 -- 23833 bytes)

Congratulations! After a review of your site, WM8C's Ham Links, we are pleased to present you with Lady Liberty's BRONZE Award of Recognition for Free Expression.

AS! Rated 3.0

award_ex_1.jpg (208x250 -- 7993 bytes)

Greetings Todd Strait!

I'm not in the habit of exchanging awards for awards but your site lightened my heart and the picture of a lovable old rascally ham crept through and made me smile.

This is not my usual venue for awards but your site is a light in the
darkness and so I offer you my Dark Children Award of Excellence.

Oh, yes, in my other life I am the webmaster for ARASWF.  :)

73, and Walk in Joy. (rec'd 7-5-03)


Dawggone Good Site Award Light House For Jesus

dgsa_bronze.gif (100x100 -- 9287 bytes)

Your web site was chosen as a winner of The Dawggone Good Site Bronze Award offered by Dawggone Communications.  I enjoyed my visit to your site.  Thanks for making the web a better place.
It is evident that you have put a lot of hard work into your web space.  This award is not automatic.  All sites are viewed .

AS Rated 2.5

L4FCAWARD.jpg (188x255 -- 16275 bytes)
Lagoon View Yacht Club SFG Award
PlatinumAwardWm8c160160.png (160x160 -- 123163 bytes)

Thanks Bill!

wm8c_ruby_award.jpg (175x131 -- 10539 bytes)
I found your site to be well designed and your art work to be well done. Your involvement in your informational and patriotic subjects to show a concern above most sites. So it is with great pleasure that I award you our SFG Ruby Award with a score of 92
Again thank you for the honor of evaluating your site
SFG Awards
UWSAG 3.0+
AS! 3.0
WA 8.5 Count
OAI 1.0
EAI 1.0
AGU 2.0

Thanks Sarah & Brian!

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