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Awards This Site Has Won (18)

Christian Site Award Gold Award
Christian%20award.gif (200x200 -- 36824 bytes)

AS! Rated 2.5  Thanks for the kind words Dee!

Gold%20Award3.gif (200x200 -- 32934 bytes)

AS! Rated 2.5

SPYLAB Award LibogAJ Excellence Award
wm8c_spylab_bronze.jpg (150x150 -- 15257 bytes)

AS! rated 3.0, WA Rated 8.  Thanks for the cool award!

awardlibogaj.jpg (257x279 -- 13240 bytes)

AS! Rated 2.5 WA rated 8.  Thanks Cesar for the great award!

Diamond VE Level 3 Award Articyx Award 4 stars!
DVBlevel3.gif (130x140 -- 12242 bytes)

Thanks for the great award!


ArticyxAward_Todd.jpg (200x200 -- 27527 bytes)

This is a great site. Nice, clean, easy-to-use navigation, nice graphics, and TONS of great content! There is something for everyone to enjoy on this site! Great Job


Gold Celtic Castle Awards MBEAP Award
celticWM8C.jpg (150x150 -- 20043 bytes)

I have re-evaluated your web site for my Celtic Castle Awards Program (you are already a Rose Award winner), and I am pleased to announce that your web site qualifies for one of my newly-redesigned Celtic Castle Awards ! ... I have not even started offering these new awards to the public, so you are actually the very first Celtic Castle Gold Award winner ! .... Your site is beautifully designed, pleasing on the eyes, very informative, and is definitely "family-friendly" ! ...

Thanks Donna! AS! Rated 3.0

Marie_B_Bronze_Award.jpg (150x150 -- 12607 bytes)

You have done an excellent work in your site,
the graphics, the layout, the content is informative, entertaining, and
easy to access. Is my pleasure to award you with MBEAP Excellence Bronze
Award, Congratulations!!


Thanks Marie! AS! rated 2.5

Morning Star Award  
wm8c_award.jpg (319x150 -- 21717 bytes)

Point System Rating Results:

(Given only to Excellence Awards)


Design/Content = 29

Creativity/Idea = 29

Navigation = 15

Award Presentation = 14

Self Impression = 9


Total Points = 96

Best Regards!
Anita / Morning Star

 Thanks Anita

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Your site at:WM8C's Ham Links  has been selected to receive the "Silver" Award, from The World Wide Web Awards.  Great Site, with nice graphics, layout, design, navigation and appearance. Wonderful resources, Award Program and information you provide your visitors!  We loved the patriotism! Your site is a wonderful contribution to the internet community.

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