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Propagation Terms Solar Propagation Terrestrial Propagation

[add webpage info bars like WebProp and others]



Add PropagationStats to your site.





Add PropagationStats to your ham radio site.

I enjoy and highly respect some individuals in the ham community for their knowledge in propagation. Some of these people are NW7US Tomas Hood, NZ4O Thomas Giella, K9LA Carl Luetzelschwab, and K7RA Tad Cook.

ACE-HF Pro software

Solar Data Plotter software

William Hepburn V/UHF propagation webpage

ARRL propagation chart webpage

NW7US Tomas Hood's propagation webpage

N4ZO Thomas Giella's propagation webpage

Cycle 24 webpage

NOAA solar propagation webpage

NOAA Space WX Scales pdf

William Hepburn's Tropospheric DX Modes



You may wish to try these 2 different software programs to learn more about propagation. To put it very simply, they are similar to many stations, such as yours possibly, acting as a beacon station. You could upload what stations you heard, at what time, and how well. This is a very rough estimate of the function of the software and it could possibly be misinterpreted in some regards as to being an automatically controlled beacon transmission. ?????

PropNet PSK


When I can get around to it, there will be much more added to this webpage.

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