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I am involved in emergency communications at not only the county level, but also the district level here in Michigan.

I am the District 2 Ass't EC here in Michigan. My assignment is webmaster & newsletter editor for District 2 ARPSC (Amateur Radio Public Service Corps). ARPSC here in Michigan is the umbrella organization for ARES, RACES, and SKYWARN.

I am also active with US Navy/Marine Corps MARS here in Michigan. My NAVMARCORMARS callsign is: NNN0HQV

I believe that amateur radio operators providing backup communications is a way of saying thank you to our communities for our frequency privileges, but more importantly, a way to help someone in a time of need. We ask for no payment, but our rewards are great. It is a good feeling to help someone up when they are down in any way you are able.

I have also created the St. Clair Co. (Michigan) ARPSC website. It can be found HERE. It contains other info pertinent to emergency communications. Some additional info there is: local frequency information, training, and other EmComm references.

For more info on the Michigan Digital Traffic Net (MIDTN NTS) please see the website at this link: MIDTN

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