Ham Radio Interests

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My ham radio interests tend to be somewhat varied. I enjoy:

SSB phone operation


Soundcard digital modes

"Casual contesting"


Emergency Communications

County Hunting

Awards ("paper chasing")

Grid Square chasing


I also have other interests in radio such as:

Shortwave Broadcast Station (SWBCB) DX'ing/ Listening

AM Broadcast Band (AMBCB) Listening

Utility Station monitoring

Radio scanner enthusiast

Old Time Radio (OTR) programs

I have yet to delve into other aspects of radio such as:


Natural radio (from the earth: auroral choruses, etc)

Radio astronomy (with projects such as Radio Jove)


I very firmly believe in the Unofficial Amateur's Code.

The Amateur's Code
The Radio Amateur is: 

CONSIDERATE...never knowingly operates in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.

LOYAL...offers loyalty, encouragement and support to other amateurs, local clubs, and the American Radio Relay League, through which Amateur Radio in the United States is represented nationally and internationally. 

PROGRESSIVE...with knowledge abreast of science, a well-built and efficient station and operation above reproach. 

FRIENDLY...slow and patient operating when requested; friendly advice and counsel to the beginner; kindly assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the hallmarks of the amateur spirit. 

BALANCED...radio is an avocation, never interfering with duties owed to family, job, school or community. 

PATRIOTIC...station and skill always ready for service to country and community. 

--The original Amateur's Code was written by Paul M. Segal, W9EEA, in 1928.

I enjoy operating during Field Day and the Boy Scout Jamboree On The Air (JOTA).

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